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Looking for a good investment in Valencia close to the city centre? Then read on quickly. Some time ago, we already took you on a discovery of the up-and-coming Monteolivete district. We told you that Monteolivete is an excellent place should you be looking for a good alternative to the increasingly more expensive city centre. Besides Monteolivete, there are a few other up-and-coming neighbourhoods in Valencia that are definitely worth a visit. We would like to introduce you to En Corts in Valencia, located in the overarching district of Quatre Carreres.

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En Corts Valencia districts

Located right next to Ruzafa

En Corts, like Monteolivete, is located in the district of Quatre Carreres. If you walk south from Ruzafa and cross the main road Avenida de Peris y Valero, you will end up in En Corts. This district is located to the east of Monteolivete. Monteolivete and En Corts are separated by Calle de Zapadores street. Diagonally through En Corts you will also find the famous street Avenida del Doctor Waksman.

Less than a ten-minute walk takes you from En Corts to Ruzafa. So an excellent getaway location to enjoy the vibrant life of Ruzafa while living in a quieter and residential area. As in Ruzafa (and also in Monteolivete), the houses date from the 1960s. In En Corts, you will also find a good variety of housing complexes and small and cosy green parks.

En Corts Valencia flowers

History of En Corts

Going back in time, it becomes clear that En Corts owes its name to the fountain existing in 1424 located south of Ruzafa. The fountain belonged to Mr Francisco Corts, former governor of Valencia. The fountain was called “Font d’En Corts” (fountain of Mr Corts in Valencian). Healing powers were attributed to the water and people visited the fountain to both drink the water and heal the body. Silk craftsmen went to the spring to cure calluses on their hands.

In 1877, En Corts, together with Ruzafa, became part of the municipality of Valencia. From the 1960s, En Corts began to urbanise more and more. Unfortunately, no trace of the fountain itself remains except for some street names on street signs.

En Corts Valencia artist house

Good location and Parc Central as its garden

En Corts is well located in relation to the centre of Valencia, but at the same time not too far from the motorway, should you wish to take the car to one of the many beaches or inland. The district is also easily accessible by public transport and you can use several bus lines.

In the district itself you will also find plenty of supermarkets, specialty shops and typical Spanish bars where you can go for a coffee, or later in the day for a cerveza or a glass of wine. The list of great dining tips includes Liaopastel, El Parotet, Mas Blayet and Carmen Carmen.

Like Monteolivete, En Corts is a place where you will encounter fewer tourists and where, unlike Ruzafa (even though the neighbourhood is so close), you will live more among Spaniards and in a more residential area.

And another big advantage: En Corts is located on Valencia’s new pride, the Parc Central. The Parc Central is located along the railway track from the station (Estación del Norte). Work on the city park has been going on for 30 years and the result at the moment is truly magnificent. The park of a whopping 110,000 square metres consists of play areas, lots of flowers, plants, fountains and an orchard. It also has a future auditorium for events, a central square, a library and every bit you walk is different.

The park is not quite finished yet, as they are still going to start the next phase in which the tracks will go underground. Parc Central will become increasingly important for Valencia, making En Corts more popular as well, with the result that prices will rise along with it. A perfect time to invest in this emerging neighbourhood where prices are still favourable.

En Corts Valencia Parc Central

Investing in En Corts? Now is the right time

As in most of Valencia city, the En Corts district is mostly home to flats. For now, nice options can still be found from €150,000. These flats then still need some love to finish it off. So a little renovation will then be necessary to make it rentable properly, if that is the intention.

Prices in En Corts are still very interesting should you be looking for a good investment. Whereas prices in Ruzafa currently stand at around 2,921 euros per square metre, prices in En Corts average 1,903 euros per square metre. This while from En Corts you can be in Ruzafa within 10 minutes. With this, prices in En Corts are currently lower than in Ruzafa, making this a good option for those on a slightly lower budget.

Prices in En Corts are similar to Monteolivete, where you can currently expect a square metre price of 1,885 euros. In both neighbourhoods, prices have increased by 4-11% compared to last year. This is partly because these neighbourhoods have become more popular.

En Corts Valencia real estate data

We see that many (young) investors are currently shifting to En Corts and Monteolivete because prices are obviously a bit higher in Ruzafa and the city centre. Valencia’s popularity continues to rise and the demand for apartments in “the new Ruzafa” is getting bigger and bigger. So all in all, an excellent time to invest in a nice flat or renovation project in En Corts or Monteolivete. Chances are that, in a few years’ time, you will be able to say that you bought at the right time and may have gold in your hands.

Dream Properties Valencia is here for you no matter what, and we will be happy to help you find your dream house or dream flat in Valencia in any neighbourhood. Let us know how we can help you.

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