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Let’s start right away with the fact that it is not without reason that the headquarters of Dream Properties Valencia is located in the Ruzafa district. This lively and cosy neighbourhood always cheers us up. Ruzafa (Russafa in Valencian) is part of the district Ensanche ( also known as L’Eixample). And one thing is certain; Ruzafa can rightly be called the most trendy area of Valencia. A good and lively neighbourhood in the centre of Valencia with very beautiful flats and facades.

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In the blog about the Ciutat Vella (the historic centre of Valencia) we already wrote that most of the historic buildings are located in the old part of town. Valencia has a rich history, but in Ruzafa you see little of it (except for the authentic and colourful facades). Ruzafa is a village on its own and offers everything you need: the large supermarkets Mercadona and Consum, its own covered market hall the Mercado Ruzafa, but also many nice vintage and bookstores, extremely good restaurants, coffee shops, sunny terraces, nice cafes and so on.

Calle Cuba in Ruzafa Valencia
We can describe Ruzafa as young, fun, hip, artistic and, above all, very cosy. 

Ruzafa, the place to be in Valencia

It is not surprising that in addition to many tourists, many of our clients are interested in buying an apartment in Ruzafa. There is always life and the facades (including the French balconies) are truly beautiful. Unlike the narrow streets in El Carmen, the streets in Ruzafa are often wider which automatically means more daylight.

The growing popularity of the neighborhood does mean that the rental and purchase prices of apartments in Ruzafa have also grown accordingly. This, despite the fact that Ruzafa was an immigrant and working-class neighborhood, but also a place that was not very well known a few years ago. Whereas years ago we were still going out with clients in Ruzafa for properties starting at around 120-150,000 euros, prices are now a lot higher and it starts tentatively from 300,000 euros.

More about the current house prices in Ruzafa in the later part of this article. First we dive a little deeper into our beloved Ruzafa.

Calle Sueca 13 Ruzafa
Adorable flower and plant shop just around the corner of our headquarters

Ruzafa past and present

To fully understand why Ruzafa is so popular nowadays, it is also good to look back first to the time when Ruzafa was the place where many garages and other specialty stores were located. It was the place where workers worked, had breakfast and lunch, went to the drugstore and the greengrocer, not to mention visited the cobbler on the corner. Ruzafa was the place where everything was available and where everyone knew each other. 

Now walk through Ruzafa’s main streets Calle Sueca, Calle Denia (where you can also find our office) or Calle Cadiz and in addition to fortunately still the artisans and specialty stores, you will now find art, pop-up exhibitions, stores with ecological products, cozy cafes and terraces where again art by local artists and performers can be found. 

Years ago, Ruzafa was a place where there wasn’t much to do at night. After all, workers started their day early and often returned to their homes in the north of the city at the end of the day. It was more interesting for cafes and bars to be open for breakfast and the ‘almuerzo’ than for dinner. The people who did walk out in the evening were not exactly the people to have a pleasant chat with.

With the departure of the many workers, who went to work more in industrial areas just outside the city, the hour of the day when money was made in Ruzafa also shifted. Whereas people used to work hard in Ruzafa during the day, today it is the place they want to be after work. For the ‘tardeo’ with friends on the many terraces or for dinner in one of the exceptionally good restaurants. About this, also read our blog where we tell about our favorite restaurants in Ruzafa.

The colorful facade of the Mercado de Ruzafa

What are some attractions in Ruzafa?

That the streets of this Valencian district are bustling is quite clear, but what else is there to see in Ruzafa? Enough!

Mercado de Ruzafa

For your daily shopping, but also for the finest Valencian delights, go to this indoor market in Ruzafa. Here you can score olive oil from the region, the fresh catch of the day, and of course the famous Valencian oranges. From the outside, it’s a striking, colorful building, with the colors representing the products found in the market. A personal favorite here: El Greco: a Greek specialty shop where, among other things, they sell delicious fresh quiche.

Parc Central

One of the factors that makes Ruzafa attractive to many people is its bustle and sociability. But sometimes peace and tranquility is also nice. How pleasant is it then to cross the road and walk into the beautiful Parc Central? This landscaped park lies along Ruzafa and the railroad. At this moment about half of the park is finished, so it will be even bigger than it already is. Eventually, the railroad will run through a tunnel under the ground, the park will be extended and so there will be even more connection with other neighborhoods in Valencia. A long-term project, but one to keep an eye on, especially if you want to invest in Valencia.

Ribes Despacio Deportivo with beautiful flowers in Parc Central

La Casa Judia

When you almost walk away from Ruzafa, down Calle Castellon towards the Estacion del Norte (train station) and the Plaza del Torros (bull arena), you come across another striking building: La Casa Judia, or the Jewish House. Although you can’t go inside, it’s worth seeing this building. It was built by Valencian architect Juan Guardiola in 1930 and the facade is a good example of the Valencian art deco style. You can see architectural elements of Arabic, Egyptian, Hindu and the Hebrew style mixed together.

Ruzafa during Fallas

There is always a lot to do in Valencia, but what you have to experience at least once is Las Fallas in March. A party full of fireworks, giant statues – which also go up in flames on the last night – churros stands, parties and lots of fun. Although the whole city celebrates, Ruzafa is really the epicenter of this festival. Here you will find some of the largest Fallas statues, sometimes as tall as the buildings in the street. Also, the streets are lavishly decorated with lights, which are lit in a spectacular light show.

Lights Ruzafa Valencia Fallas
Ruzafa covered in lights during Fallas

Nice neighbors in Ruzafa

We said earlier that Ruzafa is like a village. Therefore we think you should also meet some of our neighbors. Like the ones next door; Artysana. A cute little café with healthy, fresh and homemade food. And just around the corner from our street Calle Denia, at Calle Cuba, you will find the Yours Hotel. A beautiful boutique hotel with a pool. 

So much to discover in this beautiful neighborhood!

Calle Sueca
Calle Sueca in Ruzafa

Ruzafa and current housing prices

The fact that there is always something to do in Ruzafa caused the neighborhood’s popularity to grow and grow. And with that automatically also the housing prices.

Nevertheless, it is still a very interesting neighborhood to invest in, especially if you are looking at medium or long term rentals. Or just to invest in yourself. Ruzafa could be a perfect base for those looking for a second home in Valencia to stay in yourself. We can imagine that you could really feel at home here, but in a completely different country and city. There are also several co-working spaces to be found in Ruzafa, so you could also be perfectly at home here as a ‘digital nomad’.

It is also true that the prices in the trendy and popular Ruzafa, are still not comparable with the prices in other populair UK or USA destinations. Also, the house prices in Ruzafa are still far from the real estate prices in Spanish cities like Barcelona or Madrid. Investing in Ruzafa is therefore still very interesting.

In the L’Eixample district, the average house price is 3,629 euros per square meter. El Pla del Remei (the area around the Mercado Colon) is the most expensive part of Valencia, so the average price in the whole of L’Eixample automatically shoots up. The prices in Ruzafa are even more attractive.

Ruzafa Valencia huizenprijzen
House prices Ruzafa compared to other neighborhoods in Eixample. Source: Idealista, March 2024

Looking specifically at the bustling Ruzafa, we currently see an average house price of 3,381 euros per square meter. Compared to 2023, prices are up 20,2 % a year later.

Of course, the final asking price of an apartment in trendy Ruzafa is still entirely dependent on its condition and location.

Ruzafa Calle Cadiz

Looking for a house in Ruzafa?

We at Dream Properties Valencia fully understand if you, like us, have fallen for the charms of Ruzafa. Every day we receive clients with pride and joy at our office in the heart of Ruzafa. We know “the hotspot” of Valencia like the back of our hand and it helps that we also have access to the full range of properties in Valencia and the region; there is plenty of choice!

So feel free to contact us to discuss your wishes of your dream apartment in Ruzafa. Hasta pronto in the hotspot of Valencia?

Office Dream Properties in Valencia Ruzafa
Our headquarters in Ruzafa, Calle Denia 49 in Valencia. Hasta pronto?

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