where to live in valencia city

Where to live in Valencia City

A sneak peak of a few of our favorite neighbourhoodsOne of the frequently asked questions is: "What is the best place to live in Valencia?". As you can understand this question cannot be answered in a simple way. Furthermore there is no right (or wrong) answer to this question, as this as subjective as can be. One thing we know for sure: according to expats Valencia is the best city to live in. We are, as...


Valencia’s Property Market Shows Promise in the Face of the Pandemic

An Analysis of Spain's Property Prices Q4, 2020 In the fourth quarter of 2020, average property prices in Spain displayed a 0.7% decrease, along with a year-on-year decrease of 1.7%. Tinsa bases these averages on completed property (new and resale), which show an average value of €1,351 per square metre.Prior to the pandemic, property prices were on the rise, with the first quarter of 2020 showing a...

district el carmen in valencia

Valencia districts: El Carmen in Valencia city center Ciutat Vella

District El Carmen in Valencia In the series "the districts of Valencia" we start of course in the old town, ´la Ciutat Vella´, in the heart of the center of Valencia city. The Ciutat Vella is the first district and divided into six districts, of which the district El Carmen in Valencia is the largest and best known of the old town. No Ciutat Vella without district El Carmen in Valencia Scouring the...

Valencia Real Estate market

Valencia real estate market still interesting

2019 review Valencia real estate market According to official figures, the average property prices in Spain show a slight increase of 0.2% in the 3rd quarter of 2019. If we compare this on an annual basis, the increase in house prices is 4.2%. However, there are big differences per region, provinces and cities in Spain. The Valencia real estate market is still showing interesting figures. Valencia good...

airbnb valencia

The end of Airbnb in Valencia? Now what?

AirBnb in Valencia I am looking to buy an apartment in Valencia with a tourist license to rent out?Many people think of tourist rental when buying a property in Valencia. Should we rent out our apartment or not when we are not in Valencia ourselves? Isn't that a wonderful idea? Enjoy the apartment yourself and achieve a good return. Holiday rentals to tourists in Valencia Probably searching for a...

living in valencia

Living the easy life in Valencia

For many, the biggest reason to move to Spain and starting living in Valencia in particular, is the easy life. Here they distance themselves from the fast pace in which we live and enjoy life to the fullest. Only the here and now counts. And that is what we should all strive for. In addition, the real estate in Valencia has an extremely good value. Logical also when you consider that this is a place where...

Invest in Valencia

In which district should you invest in Valencia? It is currently interesting to invest in Valencia and Spanish real estate in general. As a result, as in any major city in Spain, house prices in Valencia City have also risen in certain neighborhoods of Valencia city. Some prospective buyers are now finding that their original budget no longer matches their original wishes at this point. Dream Properties...

Moving to Spain

Interview moving to Spain

Interview with our owner/founder Erwin Hartgring in "Vertrek naar Spanje" (Moving to Spain). "In this newsletter more about buying a property in Spain. Erwin Hartgring, owner and founder of Dream Properties International advise you what to think about when buying a property in Spain and what are the current trends in the housing market in Spain. What is the first step in the search for a property in...

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