Analysis real estate market Valencia 2023 Q4

Analysis Real Estate Market Valencia 2023 Q4: high risers

While almost all of Spain appears to be seeing a stabilization of house prices, Valencia, on the contrary, shows little sign of following the national trend. Price increases have been observed throughout the autonomous region, both year-on-year and compared to the previous quarter. Read more about it in the Analysis Real Estate Market Valencia 2023 Q4. General situation housing market Spain In quarter...

Valencia Arrancpains houses

Valencia districts: Arrancapins

¨We want to be in Spanish life, but within walking distance of downtown.¨A common wish among our clients looking for something in Valencia city. But what do we recommend? There are then several districts we can recommend, but one district we mention in any case is Arrancapins (in Spanish: Arrancapinos). Located west of the city center, this neighborhood is bordered by La Petxina, La Roqueta, Ruzafa, La...

Newsletter October 2023 Dream Properties Valencia

Newsletter: 🍊 Properties and more news from Valencia city and region

A newsletter with properties in Valencia and more Valencia is a region with one of the most vibrant atmospheres in Spain! Have you discovered Valencia yet? Dreams Properties Valencia will be happy to introduce you to this wonderful city and all its wonderful surroundings.We are a multilangual, certified real estate agent in the whole Comunidad Valenciana, so wheither you are looking for a property in...

questions buying property in Valencia

Analysis Real Estate Market Valencia 2023 Q3: the R of Return

The R is back in the month and, in the case of Valencia, that means Return. This is because Valencia is still one of the best cities in Spain to earn returns on buying a home. This and more in the Analysis Property Market Valencia 2023 Q3. General situation housing market Spain In the third quarter of 2023, the average value of houses in Spain increased by 5.0% compared to the same period last...

Apartment with pool Valencia

7 x apartment with pool for sale in Valencia

Thinking of an apartment with pool for sale in Spain? Then you might think of beach towns on the Costa del Sol or Costa Blanca, but perhaps less likely to think of Valencia city and region. Still, there are some beautiful apartments with pool for sale in Valencia. Often these are newly built complexes, but there are also apartments with pool for sale that have already been completed. We would like to show...

Patraix Valencia

Valencia districts: Patraix

When you think of buying a flat in Valencia, you might quickly end up in the Ruzafa, El Carmen or Cabanyal districts. If you're looking for more competitive square metre prices, it doesn't hurt to look beyond these popular neighbourhoods. We take you on a discovery tour of Patraix. A small village inside a city. Quiet, but the centre of Valencia within reach. And don't forget the cosy but friendly...

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