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Buying a property in Spain, although very exciting, also means that it can be tough at the beginning to settle in and find reliable companies for services.

Our philosophy is to guide our clients to finding their perfect property in Spain. Of course we will help you where we can with other services if needed.
We have a large selection of trusted partners that can offer you these services in-keeping with our honest & efficient approach towards our clients.

Dream Properties Valencia has a long term experience with our real estate partners. We are constantly monitoring their services to ensure that our clients get only the best in each field. Please let us know what you are searching for and we will help assist you!

  • Legal Services

As emphasized in our buying guide & selling guide we strongly recommend using a lawyer to carry out your purchase or sale of your property in Spain. We can suggest a few options for you from our trusted partners network.

  • Mortgage Lenders

Need a mortgage? Our trusted partners have a selection of the best mortgages around. So you can concentrate on finding your ideal property in Valencia, they will take into account your needs and requirements and find your ideal finance option.

  • Financial & tax services

Need some advice on your personal situation before buying? What will be the best way to buy your property? And who can take care of all financial and tax matters after buying. Our trusted financial and tax partners will help you in any possible way so you just can enjoying your dream property.

  • Insurances

When buying a house you will at least need the insurance on your house. We advise you to insure your furniture as well. Besides that you might need a car or even health insurance to ensure that you will enjoy living in Spain in the best possible way. With our trusted partners you can discuss all possibilities and chose the best options for your situation. They can offer you preferential conditions for a complete range of home, car and personal insurance.

  • Banks

When purchasing a property in Spain you will require a Spanish bank account. It is the ideal way to transfer your funds for the purchase. Your lawyer will setup all the direct debits to the account like the electricity bill, community fees, water bill, etc so that you do not need to worry about paying these bills at the end of each month. We can recommend the right bank for you and ensure they have services like online banking, customer support in your language and any other requirements you may have.

  • Architects & Builders

So you’ve found a great property deal in Spain but it needs some work? We have the right network for this job. From small jobs to full property refurbishment and extensions. They will take care of all the permits and legal requirements as well as offering you value for money and quality work.

  • Craftsmen like painters and electricians

You want to add your own touch to your dream property in Spain? We can recommend good reliable craftsmen that can carry out simple touch up jobs to complete redecorations. Whether you need to add a light switch, add electricity points, update the sockets or a full electrical installation we have the right person for the job.

  • Rental and Maintenance service

Get the most out of your investment with our rental and maintenance service. Get the maximum performance out of your new home on the coast for the period that you are not staying. Most of our partners can offer your property worldwide and will take care of the following: reservations, welcoming the guests, rent collection, cleaning of the house and keep track of the keys. Without risks or problems, without you have to worry.

  • Gardeners & Pool Maintenance

If your new property in Spain has a private garden or lots of plant pots you are going to need a gardener. We will find you a local gardener for simple garden maintenance or complete re-landscaping! If you have a private pool the gardener will usually take care of the day the day, or we can propose a pool specialist for more detailed pool maintenance work. Note: If you’ve bought a property with communal gardens and pool/s then these will be maintained by the community.

  • Interior Decorators & Furniture Shops

Once you have found your ideal property in Spain you will want to put your own stamp on it. We have a great selection of reliable and trusted Interior Decorators that can re-design your property interior. They can suggest various designs based on your requirements and budget. We can also recommend great furniture shops for all budgets and price ranges, whether you need a new sofa or a full revamp. We can also put you in touch with companies that can supply full furniture packs.

  • Satellite and alarm specialists

So you’ve just arrived in Spain and you don’t speak Spanish yet. Don’t worry, our trusted satellite specialist will install your countries satellite network. (Subject to availability and country of origin, check with us and we can find out). You want some extra security, especially when you are not around? Have an alarm system installed and a company who will take care of it when you are not there.

  • Hotel bookings or holiday homes

Not sure where to stay? Let us recommend a hotel or a holiday home for you. It makes sense to be in an area where you will be looking for your property. We’ll send you quite a few options and we can even arrange the booking for you if you wish.

  • Car rental

Rent your car and pick it up directly at the airport. Via our car rental partner you can chose exactly that car you want with all the necessary accessories.

  • Airport Transfers & parking service

When you are coming to find your property or once you have found your property in Spain you may require airport transfers or parking services. Our partners can offer this service at very competitive prices.

  • And many more! Just ask us!

If you require any other services not shown here, please contact us as in most cases we will be able to assist you with a recommendation.

This information is offered to you as a guide and should be used as such, and is not intended to replace professional legal advice. All the information offered here is approximate. Please contact us for more detailed information or questions. Dream Properties accepts no responsibility for the incorrect use of the information contained.

We have some of the most beautiful properties in the area, have a look or fill in our free search request service!

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