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Valencia city is the capital of the province and autonomous region of Valencia. It is Spain’s third largest city after Madrid and Barcelona with a population of around 800,000.

The total metropolitan area (including surrounding villages) of Valencia has a population of around 1.5 million people.

If you are looking for a flat in Valencia city, it is good to know which districts “barrios” can be found in the city. All districts have their own atmosphere, peculiarities and importantly, their own prices!

The 19 districts of Valencia city
Here you will find a brief impression of Valencia city’s 19 districts. We also have a map. Dream Properties Valencia is happy to help you find your way around Valencia city.

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Ciutat Vella

The “Ciutat Vella” is the old part of the town and exists of 6 different, neighborhoods, “barrios”:
El Carmen, La Seu, El Mercat, Sant Fransesc, El Pilar and La Xerea. It is the characteristic and lively old part with narrow streets and a nice “plaza” or square on every corner.


Also in the center with a.o. the main shopping area Calle Colon and the Mercado Colon. This district consists of 3 neighborhoods: El Pla de Remei, Gran Via / Canovas with its many restaurants and the hip and trendy Ruzafa, which you can enjoy for fine dining, art galleries and entertainment. 


Extramurs is located just outside the city walls and has many sights, such as the Torres de Quart, the Botanical Garden of the University of Valencia and the Estacio del Nord train station. The neighborhoods that fall under this district are Arrancapins, Botánic, La Petxina and La Roqueta.


Campanar is located in the northeast of the city, outside the Turia. This district is experiencing a growth in recent years. Sights include the Parque de Cabecera park and the Bioparc zoo. The district is well connected by public transport. Campanar consists of the neighborhoods of Campanar, Les Tendetes, El Calvari and Sant Pau.

La Saïdia

La Saïdia, on the north side of the city, has unusual buildings like El Convento de la Trinidad, the Jardines del Real and the Parque Municipal de Marxalenes. Here you will find the Pont de Fusta tram station, centrally located opposite the Torres de Serranos. It consists of Marxalenes, Morvedre, Trinitat, Tormos and Sant Antoni.

El Pla del Real

El Pla del Real is an important district in the city with a number of “key buildings”: Campus of the University of Valencia, Paseo de la Alameda, the Mestalla football stadium, Exhibition Palace and the Jardines del Real or Jardin de Viveros (royal gardens). Here you will find the neigborhoods of Exposició, Mestalla, Jaume Roig and Ciutat Universitària.


L’Olivereta is a district on the western side of Valencia. It consists of five neighborhoods: Nou Moles, Soternes, Tres Forques, La Fontsanta and La Llum. Special features of the L’Olivereta district include the 9 d’Octubre office building, the University Hospital and the Parque del Oeste park.


The Patraix district, southwest of Valencia, takes its name from the old town of Patraix, independent until 1870 when it was annexed with the city of Valencia. It is one of the city’s most densely populated districts. It consists of: Patraix, Sant Isidre, Vara De Quart, Safranar and Favara.


The Jesus district is located next to the Extramurs district. Rambleta park, Calle San Vicente and the general cemetery are some of the main landmarks of this district. It is divided into the 6 neighborhoods: La Raiosa, L’Hort De Senabre, La Creu Coberta, Sant Marcellí and Camí Real.

Quatre Carreres

The Quatre Carreres district has many attractions but the most famous is without a doubt “Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias”. This district consists of no less than 7 neighborhoods: Monteolivete, En Corts, Malilla, Fuente San Luis, Na Rovella, La Punta and Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias.

Poblats Maritims

Located along the Mediterranean coast, Poblats Maritims is a typical traditional fishing district. It comprises a total of five different neighbourhoods: Cabanyal-Canyamelar, Grau, Malvarrosa, Beteró and Nazaret. Perfect neighbourhoods for those who prefer to live close to the beach or the port.

Camins al Grau

The Camins al Grau district gets its name from the “path that leads from the city to the sea”. It is therefore the district that lies exactly between the city centre and the beach of Valencia city. Very central, in other words! It consists of 5 neighbourhoods: Ayora, Albors, La Creu del Grau, Camí Fondo and Penya-Roja.


The Algirós district is a popular area for students as it is home to the main universities. Consists of Isla Perdida, Ciudad Jardín, Amistad, La Carrasca and La Vega Baja.


Benimaclet is the name of the old, agricultural Muslim village before it was finally annexed by the city of Valencia. The district consists of the neighborhoods Benimaclet and Camino de Vera.


The 15th district is Rascanya named after the ancient canal that supplied water to the area. Consists of three neighborhoods: Orriols, Torrefiel and San Lorenzo.


Next to Rascanya is Benicalap, the former city centre named after an Arab village found there. It consists of the neighborhoods of Benicalap and Ciudad Fallera.

Pobles del Nord

Located north of the city, Pobles del Nord was annexed before 1900 and consists of the villages of Benifaraig, Poble Nou, Carpesa, Casas de Bárcena, Mahuella, Borbotó and Massarrojos.

Pobles del Oest

Pobles del Oest consists of the two westernmost districts of the city: Benimámet and Beniferri. Main buildings in this district are the Feria Valencia and the Luis Puig Velodrome.

Pobles del Sud

South of the city is the district of Pobles del Sud, with its neighborhoods being: Horno de Alcedo, Castellar-Oliveral, Pinedo, El Saler, El Palmar, El Perellonet, La Torre and Faitanar. Most of it consists of the huerta and the Albufera of Valencia.

Valencia Coastal

Are you looking for the best coastal area of the Valencia region? You will find nice beaches from Canet d´en Berenguer and Sagunto in the north to Mareny Blau and Cullera in the south.

Valencia Suburbs

Although most people focus on the coast or the city of Valencia, you can also look just outside the city. Then you have the best of both worlds: close to the city with everything it has to offer in terms of culture and events. But also just a bit quieter, more space and close to the beautiful hinterland.

Valencia Inland

The inland of the region of Valencia has so much to offer…. from very rural areas with nice valleys and of course the orange groves and vineyards to nice villages and urbanisations, all well connected and within approximately 30 minutes from coast and Valencia city.

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