Living in Valencia As An Expat

living in valencia as an expat

It’s easy to see why Valencia is hugely popular among expats. As well as boasting a gorgeous Spanish climate, the province offers the opportunity for a fantastic quality of life. In fact, Valencia comes out on top on several esteemed Quality of Life Indexes, such as InterNation’s 2022 Quality of Life Index – just one of the benefits of living in Valencia as an expat!

What is more, although Valencia city is the third-largest in Spain, there is a close-knit and familiar feel, including in expat communities. As such, Valencia is a fantastic choice for anyone moving abroad, as these factors mitigate a lot of the overwhelm often associated with making such a big move.

If you’re considering living in Valencia as an expat, there are a few things to consider. So, we’ve put together some useful information to help you make an informed decision about settling down or buying a property in Valencia. We’ve delved into the cost of living, quality of life, culture and buying a property in Valencia.

Cost of Living in Valencia

The cost of living is one of the pros of moving to Valencia. It has one of the lowest living costs in Europe. What’s more, while you’d expect to see significantly lower costs than cities like London, Valencia is also notably more affordable than other Spanish cities like Madrid, while still offering the same quality of life. In fact, the cost of living in Valencia is 17% cheaper than in Madrid. These lower costs extend across food, public transport, utilities, leisure and house prices. Also, eating out in Valencia is 50% cheaper than in London, and beer and wine are around 65% cheaper.

To give you an idea, the cost of living in Valencia city (excluding mortgage payments or rent) is estimated at around 586 euros a month, which is significantly less than most European cities and regions.

Quality of Life in Valencia

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As we mentioned, Valencia comes out on top on several Quality of Life Indexes. This is attributed to factors like climate, lifestyle, safety and healthcare.

It’s no surprise that Valencia’s climate is one of the major reasons that expats choose to live here. Valencia has one of the most desirable climates in Europe, with summertime temperatures reaching bearable 31°C heights and winter temperatures usually hovering around 20°C. Overall, Valencia boasts warm Mediterranean summers and mild winters.

The Valencian lifestyle is also significantly more relaxed than the lifestyle you may be used to if you’re coming from somewhere like the UK. A lot of emphasis is placed on spending time with friends and family and enjoying life. The weather definitely helps this, offering ample opportunity to spend time on one of Valencia’s beautiful beaches and explore the region.

Valencia is also ranked highly across several safety indexes, being described as a notably safe city and province. InterNation’s survey showed that 97% of expats are happy with their personal safety in Valencia. This considers numerous factors, including crime rates and how safe people generally feel.

In terms of healthcare, Valencia is rated very highly, with 91% of expats regarding healthcare in Valencia favourably in an InterNation’s survey. This considers things like medical staff competency and speed in completing examinations and reports.

Culture in Valencia

Valencian culture has a lot to offer. There is an emphasis placed on food and dining out, meaning that there are plenty of amazing restaurants, bars and cafes. Valencia’s nightlife is also fantastic, whether you enjoy going to clubs or prefer a night in the theatre or an outdoor cinema – both of which will prove wonderful experiences as a lot of Valencia’s culture revolves around the arts.

Valencia city also meshes historic and modern beautifully. While the heart of the city is its medieval centre, you can also find an abundance of modern architecture and districts within walking distance of the old town.

Another focal point of Valencian culture is the world-famous festivals held in the city every year. The most famous of which is Las Fallas, which was recently awarded UNESCO’s cultural heritage status – an event not to be missed!

This culture ensures a wonderful experience living in Valencia as an expat, evidenced by the already large and vibrant expat community that have been attracted to Valencia by the culture it boasts.

Buying a Property in Valencia

Much like all the other cost of living metrics we’ve shared, the cost of buying a property in Valencia is significantly lower than in most other European cities. This includes being more affordable than properties in Madrid and Barcelona.

What’s more, if you’re buying in the city, each district will offer all the amenities you need nearby (for the most part). 

If you’re seeking a spacious villa in the broader province, there are many municipalities to choose from!

Living in Valencia as an Expat

As you can see, Valencia is a wonderful place to live for locals and expats alike. As an expat, you can be sure you’ll receive a lovely welcome from both groups. In particular, the large community of expats offers an opportunity to build friendships with like-minded people. This group also serves as a resource to help you navigate the move – you’ll find that many expats are happy to share their own experiences and offer advice to help you with your journey to Valencia!

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