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Are you searching for the perfect finca (countryside estate or farmhouses on rural land) near Valencia, Spain? Look no further. We specialize in connecting discerning buyers with stunning fincas that capture the essence of this enchanting region. Whether you seek a rustic retreat, a vineyard estate, or a charming countryside escape, our dedicated team is here to make your dream of owning a finca in Valencia a reality.

Why buy a Finca in Valencia?

Valencia is renowned for its captivating landscapes, fertile soil, and idyllic climate, making it a prime destination for those seeking a finca property. These rural retreats offer a unique lifestyle with the following advantages:

1. Natural beauty: Valencian fincas are nestled in picturesque surroundings, featuring orchards, olive groves or vineyards that offer breath-taking vistas.
2. Tranquility: The peaceful ambiance of the countryside provides a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.
3. Big plot: Many Valencian fincas come with vast plots of arable land, making them ideal for farming, viticulture, or equestrian pursuits.
4. Cultural heritage: Valencia’s fincas often feature historic farmhouses or villas, offering a glimpse into the region’s rich cultural heritage.
5. Proximity to Valencia City: While secluded, many fincas are conveniently located, providing easy access to Valencia City and its amenities.

Why Choose Dream Properties Valencia?

Dream Properties Valencia is a Certified Real Estate Agency in the Valencian region and therefore your trusted partner in the search for a finca that matches your vision. Our team of expert real estate professionals is committed to:

  • Providing personalized service and guidance throughout the buying process.
  • Offering a diverse portfolio of exclusive finca listings to meet your unique preferences.
  • Leveraging in-depth local knowledge to ensure you find a property in the most desirable locations.
  • Assisting with legal and administrative aspects to ensure a seamless and secure purchase.

Unlock the doors to your dream finca in Valencia with Dream Properties Valencia. Begin your journey today by exploring our listings on this page, or fill out a Property Finder Service so we can send you more suggestions.

Always feel free contacting our team for expert advice. Let us turn your vision of owning a finca in this beautiful region into a reality.

Finca's for sale Valencia

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Dream Properties Valencia is Certified Estate Agent based in Valencia and meets all legal requirements to carry out the profession of estate agent in the Comunidad Valenciana.

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