Valencia Inland

Many people looking for properties in the Valencia province focus on Valencia city and the surrounding areas, and often overlook the inland of Valencia province which has a lot to offer. 

Travel inland from Valencia City and you will find a variety of Spanish villages, all well connected to the city with buses, metro and a good network of roads. Further inland, you will find authentic “pueblos” surrounded by green valleys, vineyards, and orange and lemon groves.

All Valencian towns and village have their own unique character and are often untouched by tourism. Providing many opportunities for property investment and your dream home for a competitive price.

Below you will find a short description of some of the most popular places in the province of Valencia. 


Alberic is a municipality in the region of Ribera Alta in the Valencian province. It is situated only a 35 minutes drive from Valencia city and has some very prestigious urbanisations like San Cristobal and Monte Jucar.


Benaguasil is situated in the Camp de Túria area, on the left side of the Túria or Guadalaviar river, 25 km from Valencia. Bordering cities: Llíria, la Pobla de Vallbona, Riba-roja de Túria, Vilamarxant and Pedralba.


Casinos is a small village with approximately 2,500 inhabitants, situated in the Camp de Túria area, about a 35 minutes drive from Valencia. It is traditionally known for the production of sugared almonds, dragées (peladillas) and Spanish nougat: turron which is very popular at Christmas time.


Catadau is a small village, situated in the Ribera Alta area, about a 50 minutes drive south-west of Valencia. It has a population of around 2,700 inhabitants. The region is popular and well known for some good hiking and mountain biking trails.


Cheste is a municipality in the Hoya de Buñol area, located 26 km from Valencia city. About five kilometers to the east of the town is the “Circuit de Valencia”, a motor sport race track which has hosted the Annual motorcycle Grand Prix since 1999.


Chiva is located within a 30 minutes drive drive from Valencia and has some popular and wonderful urbanisations, like El Bosque (golf course). At the foot of “La Loma del Castillo” the area provides offers a wonderful view of Valencia and great views of the sea and mountain landscape.


The municipality of Domeño is divided into two regions: Domeño Viejo, located in the region of Los Serranos, and the new village of Domeño, where the current population resides. It lies 63 km from Valencia, and has a population of about 700.


Godelleta is a municipality in the region of Hoya de Buñol, situated close to Chiva. It has a population of around 3,300 inhabitants. It is about a 35 minutes drive inland west of Valencia city.


Llíria is the capital of the area Camp de Turia. It is 25 km (30 minutes) north-west of the city of Valencia. With a population of approximately 22,500. Lliria is connected to Valencia with a regularly running metro line, providing a great opportunity to live in the country and have easy access to the city.


Marines is a village in the region of Camp de Turia, located at the southern slope of the Sierra Calderona. It has a population of about 1,500. The populated area is divided into two areas: the old Marines de la Sierra (455 m) and the new Marines del Llano.


Montroy and Real de Montroy are located in the Ribera Alta region, and has a population of 2,300 inhabitants. It lies 27 km from Valencia. The River Magro crosses the municipality, and its waters are used to irrigate the local agricultural land.


Montserrat also known as Montserrat d’Alcalà, is a municipality in the region of Ribera Alta. The village is located at the foot of the mountain of Castellet, on a small hill is now known as “l’Era Alta” about 35 minutes drive from Valencia.


Nàquera is located in the foothills of the Sierra Calderona range, a protected park in the Valencia province about 23 km from Valencia. The municipality is divided into two distinct areas: The Plains and The Mountains with some lovely residential areas in both.


Olocau is located in the region of Camp de Túria, on the western foothills of the Sierra Calderona range. At 269 m above sea level and a distance of 30 km from Valencia it has a wide range of residential developments, mainly recognised for second home properties and reasonably priced for investment.


Pedralba is located in the Los Serranos region, on the River Turia. It has a population of around 2,700 inhabitants and is bout 40 minutes drive from Valencia.


Turis is municipality belonging to the Ribera Alta region. The landscape is undulating with a few slopes and hills. It has a population of about 6,500 inhabitants and is located 34 km from Valencia.


Villamarchante or in Valencian Vilamarxant is located on the right bank of the River Turia, 25 km from Valencia. Its location in a transition zone between the plains and the mountains gives rise to a quite hilly but manageable terrain.

Valencia City

Alternatively, if you are looking for the livelier metropolitan areas of Valencia, you can discover the great atmosphere in the Old City Centre. Or for more peace and quiet areas discover the surrounding “barrios” near the Turia park.

Valencia Coastal

Are you looking for the best coastal area of the Valencia region? You will find nice beaches from Canet d´en Berenguer and Sagunto in the north to Mareny Blau and Cullera in the south.

Valencia Suburbs

Although most people focus on the coast or the city of Valencia, you can also look just outside the city. Then you have the best of both worlds: close to the city with everything it has to offer in terms of culture and events. But also just a bit quieter, more space and close to the beautiful hinterland.

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