Buying an Apartment in Valencia

Have you fallen in love with the city of Valencia and can you be found here regularly? Then buying an apartment in this vibrant city is of course also an option. Here you can enjoy an attractive climate every day, the many sights, beautiful beaches and the locals are always friendly and helpful. In addition, a number of major festivals and sporting events take place here throughout the year. That is why Valencia is also a popular city among tourists.

And this can be interesting if you want to buy an apartment to rent out, for example. In this case, make sure you have the correct permits, as a number of rules have changed since the summer of 2018. Dream Properties Valencia is happy to help you find the right home, so that you can conquer your own place in this popular Spanish city.

Buying an Apartment
Buying an Apartment

Buying as a 2nd Home or Investment

There are a number of reasons why you should buy an apartment in Valencia. For example if you feel at home in this city and prefer to be here as often as possible, or if you prefer to emigrate to Valencia, or because of a new job in this region. Do you come here several times every year? Then it is certainly an option to buy an apartment. Are you not present in your home all year round? Then you can still earn back your investment by renting out your apartment.

Dream Properties Valencia can also help with this. In this case, make sure you have the correct permits to avoid high fines. Do you want to buy an apartment in Valencia from an investment point of view? Then read this information about the rental yield. On this page we tell you more about the prices of the apartments in Valencia and our working method.

Apartment Prices

When you are going to buy an apartment in Valencia city, it is good to first familiarize yourself with the different areas of the city. The price level can differ considerably per district. The Dream Properties Valencia team will of course look for a suitable offer according to your budget, but we are happy to sketch a picture of this city in advance. The rule of thumb applies: the further inland, the lower the prices of the apartments. And the closer to the center of the city, the higher the prices.

For example, Valencia can be divided into the parts Valencia city, Valencia coast and Valencia inland. When you buy an apartment in this city, you will notice that in addition to the condition of the house, the location also has a major influence on the selling price. For example, the city of Valencia is currently in full development, so the prices of the apartments have risen sharply compared to last year. For example, do you want to buy an apartment in the old town of Valencia? Then you should think of prices between €160,000 and €200,000. Often the apartment still needs to be renovated. When looking at the beach area, if you want to buy, count on prices around €215,000 for a two-bedroom apartment with sea view. In the old center along the river bed (Turia), prices are around €250,000.

Buying an Apartment in Valencia
Buying an Apartment

Buying - Our way of Working

Are you curious about the current range of apartments in Valencia? Then use the search service. Here you indicate, among other things, what the maximum budget is for your apartment (take into account 15% buyer costs) and in which district of Valencia you would like to buy something. You will then receive the appropriate offer via e-mail within a short time. On our website itself you can also search for a suitable apartment in Valencia by setting the filters.

Is there an apartment that you would like to buy? Then contact the consultants of Dream Properties Valencia. In consultation we plan a viewing for one or more apartments. Have you found the suitable home and do you want to buy? Then we will of course also guide you during the further process. Read the step-by-step plan for more information. In any case, it is wise to apply for your NIE number in time (comparable to a BSN number). There is currently a waiting period of approximately three months, so it is important to quickly schedule an appointment online at the consulate. This is followed by a further processing time of ten working days. To buy an apartment in Valencia, this number is necessary for signing the purchase contract at the notary and when you want to open a bank account in Spain.

Do you also want to call in the help of other specialists, such as a lawyer, during the purchase process? Then we can put you in touch with the specialists in Valencia from our network. The consultants of Dream Properties Valencia are ready for you!

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Buying a property in and around the Valencia area should be a fun and exciting event. At Dream Properties Valencia we work very hard to ensure your purchase runs smoothly.

We introduce you to the very best partners we work with and highly recommend them as local professionals who can help you along your buying journey (see our services section). We hope you find this easy to follow step by step guide to securing your property in Valencia helpful!

If you have any questions about buying a property, want more in-depth information regarding legal issues and taxes or if you need advice about any step of the buying process contact us now by filling in the form provided.

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