Rental & Maintenance

Rental & Maintenance service

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Get the most out of your investment with our rental & maintenance service.

Get the most out of your new home in Valencia when you’re not living there. If you have brought a property for investment or a holiday home, we can help you maximize its potential if you are thinking about renting it out. Our partners can advertise and promote your property worldwide and can take care of the services involved in renting out property in Valencia including the following services: reservations, welcoming the guests, rent collection, cleaning of the house and keep track of the keys. All of these services are carried out without risks or stress to you.

Gardeners & Pool Maintenance

If your new property in Spain has a private garden or lots of plant pots you are going to need a gardener. We can find you a local gardener for simple garden maintenance or complete re-landscaping! If you have a private pool the gardener will usually take care of the day to day maintenance. Or, we can recommend a pool specialist for more detailed pool maintenance work.
Note: If you’ve bought a property with communal gardens and pool/s then these will be maintained by the community.

property rental & maintenance service valencia

Interior Decorators & Furniture Shops

Once you have found your ideal property you may want to put your own stamp on it. We have a great selection of reliable and trusted Interior Decorators that can re-design your properties interior. They can suggest and help with various designs based on your requirements and budget.
We can also recommend some great furniture shops suitable for all budgets and price ranges, whether you need a new sofa or a full revamp. We can also put you in touch with companies that can supply full furniture packs.

Satellite and alarm specialists

So, you’ve just arrived in Spain and you don’t speak Spanish yet, don’t worry, our trusted satellite specialist can install your countries satellite network. (Subject to availability and country of origin, please check with us and we can advise you).
If you’re looking for some extra security, especially when you are not around. We can advise on some respectful and trustworthy companies to install alarm systems and take care of it when you are not there.

Need any help? Just contact us, and we are at your service!

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