Make your home a real Spanish dream home!

There you are in Valencia. Bought a house that still does not meet your wishes or standards of comfort. Or a house that is still so wonderfully ‘typically Spanish’ with an old Valencian kitchen, lots of dark wood, old rotten window frames ……

You can imagine everything. How are you going to renovate? Where do you start with a renovation in Valencia? Who are you going to choose here? And also, who is going to supervise this?

Whether it is a large-scale renovation or a small renovation in Valencia, we do not turn our backs on this.

Interior Design

Why style your property in Valencia?

Everyone buys a house in Spain for different reasons: for holidays, (semi-) permanent residence or investment. When renting out in Spain it is clear how important the interior design and styling of your home is. It can determine the popularity of your home compared to the competition. Renting out a property that looks modern and stylish is much easier and allows for charging a higher price. The same can be said when selling your property.

During holidays you may think that you are not much “at home” and live outside more, but here also applies to the holiday experience and the feeling of happiness that a beautifully styled house naturally brings. And of course your terrace and / or garden can also be beautifully decorated.

In addition, not everyone has the talent to make a house a real “home”. A good interior styling of your home in Spain is often well worth the investment. And no, this does not only apply to the most expensive segment. We can also offer attractive, affordable concepts for a nice city apartment or house in the interior.

Interior Design and Styling in Valencia

We work with an experienced English-speaking styling team based here in Spain. You can simply discuss your interior design and styling wishes in your own language. They have the knowledge, experience and the network to furnish entire houses and apartments. This way you have the best planning, sharpest prices and good communication.

What is the method?

We can of course put you in touch with the styling team at any time, but often the moment you need them is when you have found your property. You can wait for the completion, but you can also choose to get started earlier. As soon as the preliminary purchase contract (‘contrato de arras‘ in Spainish) has been signed, the purchase is usually fairly certain.

Once in touch with the person responsible for interior design and styling in Valencia, they will of course first have a no-obligation conversation with you to properly understand your wishes and purpose. As soon as they have a floor plan, they can translate this into a 3D design drawing and include a quote. This gives you a clear idea of ​​what you are getting, but also what it costs. On the basis of this you can of course make further adjustments and an updated design and the quotation will follow. Once you give approval, a schedule will be co-ordinated and everything will be delivered and installed as agreed. So customization exactly as you want!


Ready-Made concepts

To get an idea of the possibilities and to make it even easier for you, we have put together a number of basic concepts. This will give you an idea of what we can do and the associated costs. In addition, it is of course super easy to choose one (or more) of these concepts. We will still contact you to discuss your style, taste and color and come up with a proposal.

Interior package 'City Style Valencia'

Here you have a nice and trendy starter package from €3,950. You have a well-fitting, total furniture package for your living/dining room. The package consists of a sofa, coffee/side table, a lounge chair – including cushions and accessories – a dining table and 4 chairs, a floor lamp and a hanging lamp.

Interior package 'City Style Valencia'

Interior package 'Urban Luxury Ruzafa'

If you want just a little more, the Urban Luxury Ruzafa package might be just that little bit better. Here too you have a well-fitting luxury total furniture package for your living / dining room, consisting of a sofa, a chair, a table and carpet, and a dining area consisting of a dining table and 6 chairs, finished with some decoration including cushions and a standing lamp and pendant lamp.

Interior package 'Royal Lounge Eixample'

If you are really looking for a complete and luxurious furniture package, then the Royal Lounge Eixample furniture package is a good option. This gives you a super luxurious and comfortable package, with a large sofa, a luxurious chair, various side tables, lamps and a rug. In addition, a large dining table with 6 comfortable dining room chairs. Here too, of course, completely styled with beautiful accessories. Exactly in the style that suits the house and your taste.

Interior package 'Royal Lounge Eixample'

Bed package 'Sueños'

It is also wonderful for your bedroom if you have a nice resting point in your house. This way you are assured of a comfortable bed and therefore a good night’s sleep. And completely in style. There are different box spring models and colors.

Bed package 'Sueños'

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