Selling your property in Valencia

Besides buying a house, you may also be interested in selling your property in Valencia. For the sale of your house you can also call on Dream Properties Valencia for personal guidance during the sales process. We help you to sell the property quickly at a fair price.

For example, we let potential customers know that your house in Valencia is available, give you tips to make your home attractive for viewings and mediate during the negotiations.

Curious about what will happen when you sell your house in Valencia? Read it here in our step-by-step plan.

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Step 1: House For Sale

The first step is to provide us with information about your home.

Send us all relevant information, such as photos of the house, a description of the house with all basic characteristics – how many bedrooms, bathrooms, how many m² built, how much land or terrace, etc. – and if possible, supplemented with the nota simple and/or printout from the land register.

Based on this, we will contact you to discuss the possibilities for sale and make further arrangements.

Step 2: Promotion and Marketing

Once all the preparations have been made, it is time to actually put the property up for sale and promote it.

We put the property online through our well-visited websites, and promote through social media, weekly newsletters to our clients who are looking to buy and through the Real Estate Fairs in which we participate in Europe.

Sell your property - Marketing
Selling Process - Viewings

Step 3: Property Viewings

Now that everything is on paper and we have all the information and images of your home, we do our utmost to promote the property through Dream Properties Valencia and our professional partners.

If someone wants to view your house, we will usually let you know at least 24 hours in advance.

Do you still live in the house in Valencia? Then make sure that the house is tidy, in good condition and accessible.

After the viewing, we will contact you to provide you with feedback.

Step 4: Negotiations

If the buyer is interested in your home, we will provide them with all the information about the purchase process.

We will contact you to negotiate the purchase price of the house. When you both agree with the final offer, we will arrange everything administratively together with both parties.

We recommend that you hire a lawyer at this stage, so that he can prepare the documents and check everything legally.

If you have not yet found a good lawyer in Valencia, we can always recommend a specialist.

Selling your property - SOLD

Step 5: Say goodbye to your home in Valencia!

At the last stage of the sales process, the lawyer checks the documents.

When all this is in order, it is time for both parties to sign the purchase contract at the notary and officially the key is handed over.

After this, other steps are also completed that are associated with selling your house in Valencia, such as wire transfers.


When selling your home in Valencia, there are a number of costs for the buyer, but you also have to take into account a number of costs. For example, if you want to payoff the mortgage.

What are the selling costs in Spain?

Wealth Tax (Plusvalia Tax): the amount of this amount is determined on the basis of the value of the home and how much it has increased since purchase.

Legal Costs: on average, 1% of the sale amount. This depends on which law firm you work with and which services you purchase.

Brokerage Commission: please contact us for more information about the costs.

Mortgage Termination Costs: varies and depends on the conditions drawn up by your bank.

Disclaimer: The information mentioned is a global guide and is not deemed to be legal advice. Dream Properties International is not responsible for any misuse of the information mentioned. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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At Dream Properties Valencia we work very hard to ensure the selling of your property in Valencia runs smoothly and securely.

We introduce you to the very best partners we work with and highly recommend them as local professionals who can help you along your selling journey (see our services section). We hope you find this easy to follow step-by-step guide to securing your property in Valencia helpful!

Should you have questions about buying a property, want more in-depth information regarding legal issues and taxes or if you need advice about any step of the buying process contact us now by filling in the form provided.

We are here to help you!

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