Rent Out Your Property in Valencia

A large number of our clients would like to invest in real estate in Valencia. One of the main reasons is that money in the bank account currently yields almost nothing in terms of interest.

A better idea is to buy an apartment in Valencia and then rent it out. This way you can still collect a nice return on your investment. And who knows what a surplus value can yield in the future?

Renting your property
Renting out your property

Rental Apartments: what's not allowed?

In short, it means that commercial rental per day to tourists via platforms such as Airbnb in Valencia is no longer possible. At least, this is possible if you already have a permit. The problem is that the municipality is hardly issuing tourist rental licenses. Reason? The municipality of Valencia wants to prevent mass tourism as it happens in Barcelona, ​​Amsterdam and Venice. This can cause a lot of nuisance for the local population, but also an exodus of the original residents.

Officially, it is still possible to apply for licenses for a ‘bajo’ (ground floor) or an apartment on the first floor outside the Ciutat Vella (the real center). Only the municipality hardly provides them anymore. It takes months if not years. As soon as even 1 neighbor lodges an objection, it is over. So basically you should consider other options.

Unfortunately, the rental permit is issued by name and not per location. This also means that it makes no sense to buy an apartment in Valencia with a rental permit. This does not matter (even if the opposite is sometimes claimed by sellers!), It is not transferable. So if you eventually get a check and the rental license turns out not to be in your name, you can be fined.

Rental Apartments: what IS allowed?

Fortunately, there are plenty of other rental options left. Renting out an apartment per day in Valencia is no longer possible, a municipal permit is required. Renting out an apartment in Valencia for two months (minimum) or longer is allowed, provided there is a rental contract, signed by both parties. Long-term rental (per month) is no problem at all.

Fortunately, there is a market for this. Many people find Valencia too much fun and want to stay a week or longer. There are also many people who, for example, follow a language course or are here longer for work or internship. They too are looking to rent an apartment in Valencia. This is currently an underexposed market, for which there is certainly demand.

In addition, you can always choose to rent out your apartment to students. Often you can – depending on the size and layout of your apartment –  rent this out per room and still make a nice return. It is also interesting to rent out your apartment in Valencia to expats, so to a person or family who stays here in the city for a longer term (usually ranging from 1 to 3 years) for work.

Rent your property
Renting your villa

Renting out a Villa in Valencia

Everything you have read before also applies if you want to rent out your house or villa in Valencia.

Often people want to rent an apartment in Valencia city, but many people also choose to rent a house in the region of Valencia. Within a radius of 30 minutes from Valencia, you have the advantage of the big city nearby, but you can also stay peacefully in your own home. This way you often have more peace and space for the same money (or less).

So it is certainly interesting to rent out your villa in Valencia. So, here too, it is quite possible to rent this out for a certain period via a contract.

How to rent out your property in Valencia

Okay! We assume that you have already bought an apartment or villa and you want to rent it out. Or you want to buy it in order to be able to rent it out later for investment. How are you going to arrange this remotely?

Dream Properties Valencia can put you in touch with the right rental parties and maintenance services who can take all this off your hands. The most important thing is that you can rent it out care free and that satisfied customers come back or want to stay longer. And of course that it brings you a good return at the bottom of the line.

Long Term Rental

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