Investing in Valencia – All Budgets

It is currently interesting to invest in Valencia and Spanish real estate in general. Due to investments, house prices in Valencia City have risen significantly in certain neighborhoods in recent times. Many prospective buyers are now finding that their original budget no longer matches their original wishes at this point. Yet investing in Valencia is still possible with any budget. We are happy to give you some tips for investing in Valencia city.

Investing in a neighborhood with a smaller budget? A good example of a neighborhood where you can still invest in the housing market is the Ruzafa district or the Monteolivete district, both popular up and upcoming districts. House prices are still interesting. But if you want to invest, you have to act quickly; it is expected that house prices will also rise here in the coming years. But since the average house price here is now even lower than in most neighborhoods of Valencia, you can still take your chance here for a good investment.

Valencia City

Valencia City under €120,000

You have to do your best for it, but you can also find decent homes to invest in in Valencia for less than €100,000. Neighborhoods where you have a reasonable chance of success and where your investments can generate money are:

Nazareth, MislataBioparcParque de CabeceraTorrefielMarxalanes and Benicalap

In Development

If you are familiar with Valencia, you may know that these are great areas to invest. Districts in development, but already with good infrastructure, economic opportunities and / or concrete plans to make the district very interesting for investment in the coming years.

In the Benicalap district near the new football stadium of Valencia,  you will find really good homes to invest in.

Investing in Valencia Beachside Homes

Are you looking for an apartment near the beach? If you don’t dread a nice job challenge and want to go for a good investment, you could take a look at the Cabanyal district. It seems almost impossible to find something good for up to €120,000 in this popular neighborhood, but there are certainly a few nice “fixers” that can certainly be made of. Investing in this area is highly recommended.

Are there any alternatives to the beach area? Yes, there are!

NazarethMalvarrosa and Cabanyal.

For all three of these neighborhoods, you are not directly on the beach, but within walking distance of a few hundred meters. We also recommend investing in this.

What these neighborhoods also have in common is that there are great plans to renovate these neighborhoods in the coming years. So you have to take action here now if you want to invest, before it is too late and house prices have already gone up considerably.

Beachside apartment
City apartment

Valencia City for €150,000 and above

If you have a slightly larger budget, up to €150,000, you can orient yourself just a bit wider and there are certainly also beautiful apartments for sale in Valencia, which are worth investing. Within a few years you can make a nice profit with this.

Neighborhoods that you should take a good look at with a budget of up to €150,000:

MonteoliveteEn CortsArrancapinsPatraixBenimaclet

In Monteolivete, the beautiful apartments are currently being sold for €160,000 – €180,000 or with a small renovation for about €130,000.

Another alternative to invest is the En Corts neighborhood on the other side of Avenida Peris y Valero from Ruzafa. Here you can pass for about €150,000.

Prices are rising quickly – don’t wait to invest

You notice that things can go fast with housing prices in Valencia in the Ruzafa district. Last year you still had enough choice to invest in Ruzafa for €150,000. This year you are lucky if you can find the same apartments for under €200,000. A good alternative if you want to invest here is the Monteolivete district. Again, last year you could find great apartments for €150,000 in the old town of El Carmen and the Botánico district, but those days are really over. Take into account a budget of between €180,000 and €200,000.

Renting to University Students

If you’re lucky, there might be something for sale in the Benimaclet area. Not much is offered for sale here, so buying a house here is a great investment. Everything that is not inhabited is rented out to students because of the universities in the area. The Benimaclet district can therefore be interesting if this is your approach in terms of investing in Valencia and you want to rent out to students.

Renting to Students
Buying an Apartment

Modern-Style Homes

If you prefer a more recent architectural style, the neighborhoods around Ciudad de les Artes and Campanar in the direction of the Bioparc (Zoo) north of the Turia riverbed are a great choice.

Here you can find apartments that were built between the years 2000 – 2008. Most have swimming pools, squash courts, padel courts, gyms and communal gardens. They are often a lot higher than the older buildings in the old center and they have a great view.

Investing in this can be a good solution, because you can rent out the homes for more money. But beware: prices for a two-bedroom apartment start at around €220,000. And depending on the view, orientation, etc. – asking prices can quickly rise.

Is there an alternative to the more modern architectural style? Perhaps it will work in Patacona (beach section), a two bedroom apartment with sea view costs around €200,000 and above.

Investing in Valencia Old Centre

In the neighbourhoods of El Carmen, La Seu, El Pilar and along the riverbed you need a good budget to invest and to find something decent (around €350,000). A super location but a bit higher in price.

The question we often ask customers: how central is central? Across the riverbed from the El Carmen district you have La Zaida in the direction of the Nuevo Centro shopping center. Here you will find great apartments for a fraction of the El Carmen prices (also less noise). This is also fine if you want to invest.

Also towards the Viveros park you are only a few minutes walk from the historic centre. The prices are also a lot better there. This Aragón neighborhood (at the beginning of Avenida del Puerto) is a stone’s throw from Ensanche, the current beating heart of chic Valencia.

Lots of information about price levels in the different neighborhoods. But actually the most important thing to realise is: Valencia is not very big. You are never far from the popular neighborhoods. Even on the outskirts of the city you are only about 3 or 4 km from the center. And most neighborhoods have metro stops, which means it is very easy to get around quickly.

So open yourself up to all the alternatives that Valencia has to offer, also in the field of investment!

Buying an Apartment

What can I expect outside of Valencia City?

An easy rule of thumb for investing and buying: the further inland, the lower the prices and the closer to the city, the higher the prices. Due to the pandemic the pricepoint around 150K is a difficult one because a lot of  Spanish people found out that living outside the side has a lot of advantages! Meaning: lack of product. We have to search hard for you!

Beautiful view from a villa in Villamarchante (Valencia region). For example, from €180,000 you buy a semi-detached house in La Pobla de Vallbona. With communal pool and gardens, 4 bedrooms, garage and walking distance to all amenities. Or a four bedroom detached villa in Villamarchante with a large garden and swimming pool.

Of course there are also possibilities for a higher budget. All value for money, of course. All these properties are within half an hour of the city, the airport and the beach and connected by the metro network. Of course you get a lot more house and space for your money here than in the city centre.

So you have to make a choice where you want to invest. As you can see, there are many alternatives to invest in Valencia City and the surrounding area. Even though prices have risen in certain neighborhoods, it remains interesting to invest in Valencia. The possibilities are endless and all while enjoying the Valencian sun, which is free.

Interested in Investing in Valencia?

So there are many possibilities for investing in Valencia, or around Valencia. But in some neighborhoods you just have to run into the right apartment to invest. The Valencia Real Estate team is happy to help you in this quest. We will take you by the hand to initially view the right homes.

Through our extensive network we can put you in touch with reliable companies in the field of mortgages, renovations and rental services in Valencia and region.

Our aim is to unburden and carefree purchases. See you soon in Valencia!

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