10 x the best suburbs to live in around Valencia

10 x the best villages to live in around Valencia
Photo: La Eliana, Valencia region

Valencia is the most fantastic place to live, in every way. Now it is not very surprising that a real estate agent in Valencia says that. Yet it is confirmed often enough. The city has been declared the healthiest city in the world several times. Moreover, it is a vibrant city with many sights and even a wide beach. For years, Valencia has been a popular destination for a holiday or city trip, for young and old and for people from all over the world.

So there is a lot of tourism in the city centre all year round, but what if you want to live here without the hustle and bustle? No problem. Valencia has enough suburbs where it is a lot quieter. Lately, we see more and more interest in the housing market for houses just outside the city of Valencia and we understand why.

The benefits of living in Valencia's suburbs

First of all, why are the sub-municipalities of Valencia so ideal? There are several reasons and we are happy to list them.

  • Detached villas and houses

Something you will not easily find in the big city are detached houses. There are many apartments in Valencia city, which is not surprising in a big city. In Valencia region, on the other hand, you will find villas with a swimming pool and a garden.

  • Plenty of greenery and nature

Besides the green of your own garden, you can expect a much greener surrounding in a suburb of Valencia. In some locations nature parks are just around the corner!

  • From city skyline to mountain landscape

One minute you are in the centre of Valencia, surrounded by apartments and historic buildings, the next you are on a country road with a view of mountains and valleys. This is an advantage that anyone living in Valencia can enjoy.

  • Good connection by public transport

What makes living in a suburb of Valencia so attractive is that public transport is so well organised. The metro lines run far inland and the bus connections are also very good. Moreover, public transport costs almost nothing.

  • Tranquility, yet quick to life

In the city, there is always noise. How nice is it then to come home, curl up on the sofa and only hear a few crickets outside? At the same time, many people like to live ‘under the smoke of’ the big city. The best of both worlds!

The 10 best places to live in Valencia region

What is the best place to live around Valencia city is of course very personal. However, as a real estate agent we can make a top 10 when it comes to beautiful and nice places near Valencia city. We have looked at the urbanisation, infrastructure, presence of schools, amenities such as supermarkets, restaurants, etc. and distance to Valencia city.

1. La Eliana (L'Eliana)

The municipality of La Eliana is located north-west of Valencia City. The city centre can be reached by car in 30 minutes, but it is also easy to get to by public transport, as there are no fewer than four metro stations to bring you to the city. It has all the amenities you need within easy reach, such as restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, shops and a variety of sports facilities. You will find many detached villas in La Eliana and the residential area is located directly at the centre of the municipality.

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Villa for sale La Eliana Valencia
Villa in La Eliana, Valencia region

2. La Cañada (Paterna)

Next to La Eliana, separated by the nature reserve La Vallesa, you will find the residential area La Cañada. Officially, this part belongs to the municipality of Paterna, but we would like to highlight La Cañada here, because it is ideal for families. This is partly due to the presence of good schools in the area, including the British College of La Cañada.

Paterna / La Cañada are about 20 minutes by car from Valencia city and are both connected by metro line.

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3. San Antonio de Benagéber

Just above La Cañada you will find San Antonio de Benagéber. Again, a good place to live with children, because of the proximity of several international schools. In terms of location, you are exactly between the La Valessa nature reserve and the golf course. Here you will also find a number of new construction projects. 

From here, it takes 20 minutes by car to reach Valencia city. The town has no underground railway, but is easily accessible by bus. 

Check out properties for sale in San Antonio de Benageber

4. Godella

If you prefer to be closer to Valencia city, Godella is a good place to look for a property. This is only 15 minutes away by car. Godella is also connected by metro to the city centre.

Godella is a nice Spanish village with Campolivar as a more upmarket neighbourhood. You will find beautiful villas and houses here. There are also good schools and sports facilities nearby, which makes this town very suitable for families emigrating to Spain.

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nature in Godella Valencia
A curious neighbour in Godella, Valencia Region

5. Rocafort

Another good option is Rocafort, a municipality located next to Godella. Here, among other things, you have the gated urbanisation Santa Bárbara, where there are beautiful villas and many facilities. There are good international schools nearby and there is a public school just a stone’s throw away.

Rocafort can also be reached by metro. From the gated community Santa Bárbara it is 20 minutes by car to Valencia.

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6. Bétera

A little further above Godella and Rocafort you will find Betera. Bétera is situated on the southern slope of the Sierra Calderona mountains. It is a quiet municipality, where you will find many villas and good schools. It is also known for its golf course. There are also two beautiful urbanisations here, Mas Camarena and Torre Conil.

From Bétera you can reach Valencia by car in about 30 minutes. The metro also reaches this place.

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7. Náquera

Further north you will find Naquera, a municipality surrounded by nature. It borders directly to the nature reserve Parc Natural de la Sierra Calderona. The higher altitude of Náquera makes it a perfect place if you are looking for a villa with views, sometimes reaching all the way to the sea.

It is a bit further from Valencia city, half an hour by car, but you will get a beautiful nature reserve in return. By metro it is about one hour to the centre.

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8. Puzol (Pucol)

If Náquera appeals to you, but you like to be closer to the sea, then Puzol is the best option. Not only do you have all forms of outdoor life within reach here, but the centre of Puzol itself is also very beautiful. A beautiful and well-known urbanisation within Puzol is Los Monasterios.

From Puzol to Valencia city is 25 minutes by car. It is not connected to the metro, but it has a train that takes you to Valencia Estacion del Norte. Here, you are in the middle of the centre of Valencia.

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Estacion del Norte Valencia
Estacion del Norte, Valencia city

9. Chiva

West of Valencia city you will find Chiva. You will find beautiful detached villas here as well, often with swimming pool and views. If you live in Chiva, you also have a huge nature reserve next door, the Sierra de Chiva, which guarantees beautiful walking trails. Chiva also has its own golf course and a beautiful gated urbanisation: El Bosque.

By car, you can reach Valencia city in half an hour. It also has a bus connection that takes you to the centre without changing buses.

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10. Picassent

We end this list with a place south of Valencia. Picassent is a typical Valencian municipality with lots of greenery in the area. From Picassent you can also reach the beach quickly, in just 15 minutes by car.

The heart of the centre of Valencia is only 20 minutes by car and half an hour by metro. Picassent also has several urbanisations, of which El tancat d`el Alter is one of the best known, near the international school of Ausias March.

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Terrace Godella, Valencia region
You can find pleasant terraces in the Valencia region too

How do you decide in which part of Valencia to buy a house?

The wishes you have for a property in Valencia will depend on the purpose you have. If you want a house in Valencia as a holiday home, then you might prefer a cosy, lively neighbourhood or close to the beach. However, if you are going to emigrate to Valencia, then there are other points to consider.

The team of Dream Properties Valencia is familiar with the city, but also with the surrounding municipalities. Therefore, we can provide you with good and personal advice before you start looking for a house in Valencia. Let us know your wishes and we will help you!

Houses for sale in Valencia region

A list of all houses for sale in the Valencia suburbs can be found here.

nature in Valencia region
Magnificent nature and walking trails in the area around Valencia

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