best terraces in Valencia

Best restaurants with terraces in Valencia!

Best restaurants with terraces in Valencia!With the good news that from March 1st, the terraces in the Comunidad Valenciana can finally reopen, we naturally want to support the catering industry. They desperately need it. Of course, with due observance of the correct distances to prevent us from being back to square one quickly. The restaurants' terraces will currently open until 6 p.m. and only for those...

district el carmen in valencia

Valencia districts: El Carmen in Valencia city center Ciutat Vella

District El Carmen in Valencia In the series "the districts of Valencia" we start of course in the old town, ´la Ciutat Vella´, in the heart of the center of Valencia city. The Ciutat Vella is the first district and divided into six districts, of which the district El Carmen in Valencia is the largest and best known of the old town. No Ciutat Vella without district El Carmen in Valencia Scouring the...

Top 10 restaurants in Ruzafa – Valencia

We are often asked for tips for tasty restaurants, tapas bars and other dining options in Valencia. In the years that we live and work here, we have of course already tried many nice restaurants. In that respect, Valencia is really a wonderful culinary city to stay, because you really have a lot of choice for every price and type of cuisine. How often we have not been surprised when we happened to settle...

Discover Valencia area: 10 day trip suggestions from Valencia

Not only are we a big fan of the city of Valencia, even the American newspaper Huffington Post calls this city the best place to settle abroad. Although you can enjoy the beauty of this city every day in Valencia, it is also worth getting in the car and discovering what else the beautiful area has to offer. But which destination should you set on your navigation? We have listed a number of destinations for...

valencia city of festivals

Valencia: more than sun, sea and beach

Valencia is one of Spain's most popular cities, and for a good reason. Here you can of course fully enjoy the wonderful climate on the beautiful beaches, but Valencia is much more than that. If you are going to live in this city, there is plenty to do every day: visit the old lively city center, view the architectural highlights or take a walk in the city park. But in addition, there are many other events...

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