Orange shaking in Valencia, a must see

orange shaker Valencia

An annual ritual in Valencia City: the shaking of the oranges from the thousands of orange trees scattered in the streets and parks. Since the municipality of Valencia developed a bat-like machine especially for this, an even more amusing scene to see. Last year, we shared this video of it.

Within no time, the video was all over the internet and it was even shown on the Dutch NOS (Youth) News. The video has been shared over and over again!

It remains fun to watch. Since yesterday, we see the remarkable cars driving in the streets here again. So if you are in Valencia now, keep your eyes open. It is best to keep an eye on the locations where there are barriers hanging from the trees, in combination with signs that forbid parking there for a certain period of time. You can also look out for the distinctive beeps ( to be heard in the video above) and you will smell a delicious orange aroma as soon as you are close to these works.

bag oranges Valencia
Sometimes up to 400,000 kilos of oranges come off the trees

Why a machine to shake oranges?

It is quite a project, shaking oranges from the trees in Valencia. In total, 30 people and 18 mechanical vehicles, including tractors and trucks, are involved in the process. How many of these are orange shakers we don’t know, but obviously there are more than one! The special orange shaker has been used by the municipality of Valencia since 2018. It has significantly reduced the number of working days for orange removing and, besides, it is the best method for not causing damage to the orange trees.

What happens to the oranges?

From the approximately 12,000 orange trees that are scattered through the streets of the city of Valencia and its many parks, around 350,000 to 400,000 kilograms of oranges are shaken and picked every year. Unfortunately, the oranges hanging in the city are not edible due to their bitter taste. They are processed as compost in the local agricultural sector.

oranges in tree Valencia
Not every orange is ready to leave it's so beloved tree

Do you also dream of living in a street full of orange trees? Or a park full of oranges, lemons and palm trees just around the corner? Let us know what your dream location in Valencia looks like and we will be happy to help you.

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