Dream Properties sponsors padel professionals in Valencia

Padel professionals in Spain

As Dream Properties Valencia, of course we love the Spanish culture and love to engage in it. We also think it is important to keep moving in order to enjoy life in Spain in the best of health. Padel is a hugely popular sport in Spain and by sponsoring two padel professionals in Spain we are happy to encourage this popular sport.

What is padel?

The sport of padel is very popular among Spaniards, but also increasingly in other European countries. For those who have never heard of padel, here’s a little crash course!

Padel is a mix between tennis and squash and is played on a rectangular court. You play it with four players, two against two. The court is a lot smaller than a tennis court and while playing, you make use of the walls that surround the court, often a combination of glass/wall and fencing. In this sport, strength is less important, making it more accessible to all ages.

Padel uses exactly the same scoring system as tennis. The only difference is that in padel you usually play in a ‘best of three sets’ format, where the first team to win two sets wins the match. If the score is 1-1 after two sets, a decisive third set is played to determine the winner of the match.

Sponsoring padel
Adrian Naranjo Martinez and Ruben Cuevas Tornero

Dream Properties as sponsor

We have come in touch with two top talents from the Valencia region who deserve extra support. The young players of this padel duo are among the best in the Comunidad Valenciana and travel all over the world to play important tournaments and climb even higher.

Who are these top players in padel?

Ruben Cuevas Tornero. Ruben has years of experience as a professional padel player. He plays on the left side and uses his knowledge of the game to make things very technically difficult for the opponent. Instagram: @rubencuevastornero

Adrian Naranjo Martinez. Adrian is a young up-and-coming talent who is at the beginning of his padel career. He plays on the right side of the court and his strength and speed make him a top duo together with Ruben. Instagram: @adriinaraanjo

We like to encourage this duo throughout their padel careers, which is why you can now see our logos on their match shirts. Our Dutch brand ‘Spaanse Droomhuizen’ for all tournaments in the Netherlands, ‘Dream Properties’ for all tournaments outside.

Important padel tournaments

Recently, Ruben and Adrian won another tournament, so they are definitely worth following! Several tournaments are planned this summer. You will see the latest news about this duo on our social channels from time to time; to know exactly which tournament they will be playing in, follow their Instagram channels.

All important padel tournaments are collected on this website.

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