Spain’s Non-Lucrative Visa

spain's non lucrative visa

Are you planning to relocate to Valencia? If you’re coming from a non-EU country, there is a process you must follow to legally reside in Spain. This starts with obtaining a residency visa (such as Spain’s non-lucrative visa) in your home country at your nearest Spanish consulate.

One type of residency visa available for non-EU citizens is Spain’s non-lucrative visa. This visa is available for those who can financially support themselves without working, such as through a pension or passive income. This visa is intended for full-time residency only – you must intend to reside in Spain for more than three months.

Please note that once you arrive in Spain, you will also need to apply for a TIE (which will be your proof of residency).

Types of Suitable Income

To obtain Spain’s non-lucrative visa, you must be able to financially support yourself without engaging in economic activity for the visa’s duration. This means you can’t work on a non-lucrative visa for a company or yourself. This also extends to any remote work.
Types of suitable income include pension income (this visa is also known as the retirement visa) and passive income, such as regular earnings from an investment portfolio. You can also use savings as long as they cover the residency period.

Financial Requirements

To be eligible for Spain’s non-lucrative visa, you must have a stable annual income of 28k euros or more. You also need an additional 7k euros for every dependent you bring. You will need to provide evidence of suitable funds.

Other Prerequisites

In total, the prerequisites for applying for Spain’s non-lucrative visa are:

  • Being a non-EU citizen.
  • Intending to live in Spain full-time.
  • Having the required financial means to reside in Spain without working.
  • Having health insurance.
  • Not having a criminal record.
  • Not intending to work for the duration of the visa.

How to Apply for Spain's Non-Lucrative Visa

Ensure you apply for Spain’s non-lucrative visa at least five weeks before travelling to Spain at your nearest Spanish consulate. The process involves the following:

  • Requesting an appointment at your nearest Spanish consulate.
  • Bringing all necessary documents to your appointment. These include:

    – The visa application form found on the consulate website.
    – A passport that is valid for at least one year. It must also have two free pages to attach your visa.
    – Two identical passport-size photos.
    – Evidence of sufficient income for at least the first year of living in Spain (an original and copy of the documents proving that you can financially support yourself without working).
    – A medical certificate confirming you have no diseases that could be a threat to the Spanish population. It must be legalised and accompanied by a version translated into Spanish.
    – Private health insurance from a company authorised to operate in Spain, valid for at least one year.
    – A criminal record document proving you haven’t committed any crimes in the last five years. It must be no older than three months and issued by your home country.
    – A NIE number which you have obtained through the consulate or during a previous short stay in Spain (discover the process of applying for a NIE in Valencia here).
    – A marriage or birth certificate.

  • Submitting your fingerprints and facial recognition.
  • Paying the Spanish non-lucrative visa fee (the amount depends on where you’re coming from).

Help to Obtain Spain's Non-Lucrative Visa

At Dream Properties Valencia, we can advise you regarding which visa will be best for you and guide you through the process of applying for a non-lucrative visa or any of the options available. We can also guide you through the rest of the process upon arrival in Valencia, such as obtaining your padrón certificate and submitting your TIE application.

Get in touch to start your journey today.

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