New law 2023 for registered real estate agents in Valencia

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Buying a house is one of the most significant investments in your life. If you are considering buying a home in Valencia, it can be even more challenging because of the language barrier and regional rules that apply. That’s when it’s nice to know you’re doing business with a fully licensed real estate agent in Valencia! This article highlights the recent legislative changes regarding estate agents in Valencia, which regulate the profession and protect the interests of buyers and sellers.

Regulation of estate agents in Valencia

Previously, people without any experience could start as a real estate agent from their attic room. Now, however, changes are on the way. In large parts of Spain, now including Valencia, estate agents are required to register and have to meet certain requirements to achieve this.

What does the new law require of real estate agents in Valencia?

The new law requires real estate agents in Valencia to register, but this is not a simple process. It requires demonstrable experience, competence, and having the right certificates. Estate agents must also have civil liability insurance and an insurance or bank guarantee to cover down payments. A physical office address is also a requirement so that brokers remain accessible to clients. In addition, brokers must avoid criminal conviction.

Mandatory registration for estate agents in Valencia

This legislation sets specific requirements for estate agents in Valencia to practice the profession. The main aim of this law is to protect buyers and tenants and promote transparency within the sector. This aims to ensure that only qualified professionals are left to guide clients when buying or selling property in Valencia.

How do you recognise a registered real estate agent in Valencia?

Registered estate agents in the Comunidad Valenciana, including Valencia city, must now be visibly registered in the ‘Registro de Agentes de Intermediación Inmobiliaria of the Comunidad Valenciana’. This registration must be visible at the office and on the estate agent’s website.

RAICV Valencia registered real estate agents

The role of trade associations for estate agents in Spain

Although it is currently not mandatory for Spanish estate agents to join trade associations such as the API (similar to the NVM in the Netherlands or the BIV in Belgium), it is still advisable to work with estate agents who have joined these organisations. These associations set strict codes of conduct and offer training to keep estate agents’ knowledge up-to-date.

Real estate agent Valencia: your trusted partner in Valencia

At Dream Properties Valencia, we understand the importance of this regulation and have fully certified and registered to meet all the standards and requirements of the Spanish and Valencian real estate market. Our affiliation with various registries and industry associations, including RAIVC, API, ASICVAL, AIPP, AIR and FAI, ensures that you are working with a reliable and professional partner. Our aim is to provide you with a worry-free experience when buying a home in Valencia. Want to know more about the registers and trade associations we are affiliated with? Then read the ‘Certified real estate agent in Valencia‘ page, where we go into more detail about the different organisations and where you can check our listings.

What to look out for when choosing a real estate agent in Valencia

Besides certificates and industry associations, it is also important to look at an estate agent’s experience, reputation and references before making a decision. We invite you to check out our reviews on Google to see what our customers say about our company Dream Properties (which also includes our Dutch brands Spaanse Droomhuizen and Makelaar Valencia).

At Dream Properties Valencia, you can buy a home in Valencia with confidence with a licensed, certified and registered real estate agent. We offer full guidance from A to Z, including our free and no-obligation Property Finder Service.

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Certified Estate Agent

Dream Properties Valencia is Certified Estate Agent based in Valencia and meets all legal requirements to carry out the profession of estate agent in the Comunidad Valenciana.

Registered real estate agent Valencia Dream Properties