Valencia: more than sun, sea and beach

valencia city of festivals

Valencia is one of Spain’s most popular cities, and for a good reason. Here you can of course fully enjoy the wonderful climate on the beautiful beaches, but Valencia is much more than that. If you are going to live in this city, there is plenty to do every day: visit the old lively city center, view the architectural highlights or take a walk in the city park. But in addition, there are many other events throughout the year that make Valencia very special and worthwhile.

Valencia city of festivals

Valencia has a lot of festivals that take place here every year. The most famous festival in Valencia is Las Fallas. This traditional festival starts on the last Sunday of February and lasts for three weeks. The street festival is based on the lanterns that the craftsmen used to use to work during the dark even in the winter months. Once it got lighter again in the spring, the wooden planks of the lanterns were burned because they were no longer needed. At Las Fallas, these parots are replaced by homemade dolls and statues of up to tens of meters high, which you encounter in Valencia at many intersections. Ultimately, you can find more than 600 throughout the city.

It will not be silent during this period; many thousands of people travel to Valencia to experience this festival. In the morning you can be awakened at 8:00 am by a brass band or nice fireworks. There is also a so-called ‘mascleta’ on the Plaza Ayuntamiento every day at 2 pm, which you must have experienced. During the last days there is also a beautiful decorative firework display in the Turia at night. Here you can read more about Las Fallas.

mascleta fallas valencia

Other famous festivals are the “Feria de Julio” in July and the “Feria de Andalucia” normally in May. Besides that there are several big sports events during the year.

Districts of Valencia

Did you know that Valencia is not only divided into the coast, the city and the inland area, but the city of Valencia also consists of no fewer than nineteen different districts? For example, in El Pla del Real you will find the large important buildings, such as the football stadium and the royal gardens. In the district of Poblats Maritims, the fishing district is the focal point. When you are going to buy a house in Valencia, it is important to first take a good look at what can be found in the vicinity of the different districts. Dream Properties Valencia is located in the city center and can therefore of course also tell you a lot about the different regions.

Transport in Valencia

In some cities it is wise to only use public transport. But in Valencia there is an excellent infrastructure, so that traveling by bus, metro, train or on your own is no problem at all. During the day there are scooters, bicycles and cars for rent. Would you like to fully enjoy the vibrant life in Valencia in the late hours? Then you can travel with the buses of the night network or just take a taxi. The rates here are much lower than you are used in your home country.

biking in valencia

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