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buy villa in valencia

Do you like living in Valencia, but prefer not to live in an apartment? Then we don’t have to pull you out of your dream just yet, because you can definitely buy a villa in Valencia. There is only one but: you must be willing to go more outside the center. Something you probably already figured out. But, where to look and what to pay attention to? We’ll help you.

How much does a villa in Valencia cost?

Of course, the cost of a villa in Valencia is tied to a variety of conditions. The location, the size, the facilities…. Roughly speaking, we can say that prices for a villa in Valencia range from €150,000 to €2,000,000.

When looking for a villa in Valencia, always keep in mind the following rule: the closer to the coast or the city, the more expensive the villa or the smaller the plot of land you will have with the villa. Do you want both the city and the coast? There are not many villas that meet these requirements. There are some options, but keep in mind that you will have to pay a lot of money!

What is the best location to buy a villa in Valencia is of course very personal, but of course, as a real estate agent in Valencia, we can tell you where to find some. That way you can make the best choice for yourself!

We will discuss the average prices you can expect to find there by area.

Villa in a Valencia city suburb

Would you like to buy a villa in Valencia, as close to the city as possible? Then it is best to look in one of the suburbs. Some popular places around the city include Godella, La Eliana and Riba-Roja de Turia. These places have many amenities nearby, such as supermarkets and schools. They are also easily accessible by both car and public transportation. Prices for a villa in the outskirts of Valencia are easily around € 500,000. You will then have a beautiful villa with swimming pool which is ready to move into.

For more tips on good Valencia suburbs, check out the blog 10 x the best suburbs to live in around Valencia.

Villa on the coast of Valencia

We already mentioned that for a villa on the coast in the city of Valencia you have to dig a little deeper into your pockets. Then you look a little further away from the city, wouldn’t you think? Unfortunately, the choice here is not too enormous and you guessed it: the prices are still higher than inland. Look in places like Puzol, Cullera or Canet d’en Berenguer for a beautiful, ready-to-use villa of around € 500,000. Looking for a villa in Valencia with sea views? Then you can usually expect to pay double that.

Villa in Valencia inland

If you also like being at a short distance from Valencia city and are looking for a villa with pool, a nice garden and nice views, you can look at places like Naquera, Chiva or Olocau. These places are well connected by highways and are about a 30-40 minute drive to Valencia city. The surroundings are green and quiet and you will have a lot of privacy. You can find a villa that is ready to move in starting at around € 300,000.

Looking for a villa in a lower budget? Even for this you will be able to succeed in the Valencia inland region, although it may need some work, or may not have a pool, for example. Look at places like Lliria, Pedralba and Ontinyent and find that sometimes villas can be found from €150,000. Always calculate what you need to do about it, though, before you count yourself lucky with a cheaper property.

Most importantly: make sure you like the area

We can’t say it often enough: you can change the house, you can’t change the location. So don’t stare your eyes down at a low-priced home just because of the price. The location is what counts. After all, what will you do once you’re in your Valencia villa? Do you like to look for socializing, nature or do you also like to be close to the sea? In addition, the condition of the house, nearby amenities (for example, public transportation) and whether or not it has a pool are also conditions you should consider.

What is the difference between a villa and a finca?

The main difference between a villa and a finca in Spain is that a villa is in an urbanization and a finca is on rustic ground.

In Spain, you can buy a villa on two types of land: rustic (rustico) or urban, within an urbanization (urbanicazion). Rustic land is rural, so you live more in the countryside. This sounds like a dream to some, while others like to have a neighbor, with or without a few meters between them. In that case, you choose an urbanization, which means a residential area or villa district.

Another difference between a rustico villa (finca) and a villa in an urbanization in Valencia is that a rustico villa is often not connected to the city’s sewage, water or electricity networks. There are then alternatives to this, such as a septic tank and water through a water supply company. With an urbanization you benefit from the urbanization of the area, which therefore includes sewerage, water and internet, but also streets and lighting, for example. It is also good to know that with a finca it is not possible to build on your own land.

So consider in advance what you prefer. Do you already have your eye on a house and do you doubt whether it is a villa or a finca? Send us the link and we will find out for you.

New build or existing building

Then there is the question of whether you want to buy an existing property or a completely new one. If you are going to buy a villa in Valencia, you will soon find out in your search that there are many existing villas for sale. New construction or the option to build your own house is less common in this area, but…. it certainly is possible!

By filling out the Property Finder Service on our website, you can let us know, for instance, if you prefer new builds more, or if it can also be existing construction, possibly with or without renovation.

Buying a villa in Valencia? Also consider the Costa Blanca

While the Valencia region is known for its typical Spanish atmosphere and traditional Spanish villas, in the south of the Valencia region you will find the Costa Blanca, where you will find many lively seaside towns. You will find there even more villas for sale, and especially if you are looking for new builds or projects to build, you will be able to succeed here. The prices for a villa for sale on the Costa Blanca North are also different. On the coast you can easily pay € 500,000 for a beautiful villa, where inland you can sometimes still find a villa for € 300,000.

Alternatives to a villa

Another thing to look at if you want to increase your success rate for a villa in Valencia: also look at a town house or a semi-detached house. You will then experience many of the conveniences of a villa, such as space, a garden and a private pool. However, it has a different price tag than a detached villa.

Buy a villa in Valencia with no concerns

Whatever location and villa you prefer, we can guide you through the entire purchase process. From helping you determine which location suits you, to handing over the keys, we will help you get your dream villa in Spain. Let us know what you are looking for in the Property Finder Service, or contact us directly.

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