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When you start your search for an apartment in Valencia, you soon end up in the city’s popular neighbourhoods. Think Ruzafa or the Ciutat Vella. However, prices in the centre of Valencia have risen considerably over the years and usually start at 200,000 euros, with some renovation needed.

But don’t worry, if you are looking for an investment in Valencia in a lower price range, there are certainly still possibilities. We would like to introduce you to some interesting neighbourhoods on the rise, where we will be happy to help you find your dream flat in Valencia. We start in this article with the Monteolivete neighbourhood; close to Ruzafa, even closer to the Turia park and otherwise a cosy residential area with all amenities nearby. In short: buying a house in Monteolivete is a very good option for a house for sale in Valencia city.

Monteolivete Valencia facades

Quatre Carreres, south of L'Eixample

We have already written about the district of L’Eixample and the much-loved Ruzafa in particular. While prices in central Valencia have risen considerably, many of our clients ask whether Valencia also still has up-and-coming neighbourhoods with more affordable house prices. The answer to this question is yes. Valencia certainly still has upcoming neighbourhoods located not far from the vibrant centre.

If you walk south from L’Eixample, you will end up in the district of Quatre Carreres. Like L’Eixample, Quatre Carreres is again divided into several areas. The district starts from the main road Avenida de Peris y Valero (where L’Eixample ends), runs along the Turia to the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias and even further south to the V-30 motorway. Monteolivete is directly below the Gran Vía district (also known as Canovas). From Monteolivete, this puts you within 10 minutes among the many restaurants and vibrant life that both Canovas and also Ruzafa are full of. And then in addition to its good location in relation to the centre, Monteolivete also has very interesting property prices that we would like to tell you more about in this article.

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Mural Monteolivete Valencia

Monteolivete: a residential area right on the Turia

First of all, the Monteolivete neighbourhood is the place to be if you are looking for a combination of investing and living in a quiet, residential area. Monteolivete has developed into a place with a good quality of life. In Monteolivete, you will find green areas, playgrounds and also have direct access to Valencia’s gem: the 10-kilometre-long Turia, which celebrates its 35th anniversary this year. Plenty of places to find peace and quiet while also being close to the bustling city centre. Monteolivete is also an excellent location in case you have (small) children; there is enough space to play outside. Moreover, in Monteolivete you will encounter fewer tourists than in Gran Vía and Ruzafa and live mostly among Spaniards.

Monteolivete gets its name from an old farm (called “ermita” in Spanish) dedicated to the holy Virgen de Mont Olivete. The farm was located where the current church of Monteolivete is now. In 1877, Monteolivete became part of the municipality of Valencia. The district really took off after many flat blocks were built in the 1960s. As in Ruzafa, the apartments in Monteolivete have a character descended from the 1960s.

Pont de Monteolivete Valencia

Things to do in Monteolivete

In Monteolivete itself, besides being in the city centre within 15 minutes, there is fortunately plenty to do. In Monteolivete, you will find many speciality shops. Think of local fruit and vegetable shops and visit the market on Calle Finestrat on Fridays from 10 am till 2 pm. Most shops can be found in the streets Amado Granell (General Urrutia) and Carrer de L’escultor José y Capuz. Moreover, on the outskirts of the district, you will find the large shopping centre El Saler, containing many commercial shops (H&M, Zara and so on), a cinema, a children’s play centre and a very large Carrefour supermarket, a so-called ‘hipermercado’.

As most people these days already know, Valencia is known for the Fallas, which is celebrated every year in March. On the outskirts of Monteolivet, we find the Museo Faller de Valencia. In this museum, you can take a peek into the history and festivities of Fallas.

Bar Olrait Valencia Monteolivete

There are also enough nice bars and restaurants in Monteolivete to enjoy Spanish life for a bit. Our list of nice restaurants in Monteolivete includes Bar Olrait, La Buleria, Kaniche Pedigree Hot Dogs, Rafaello Pasta e Pizza and Café etcétera.

Monteolivete also offers good transport options. A new metro station has recently opened on Avenida Amado Granell. With metro line 10 you can move quickly from the Estación del Norte (in the city centre) to Nazaret by the port. So Monteolivete is not only within walking distance of the city centre, but also well served by public transport.

Invest in Monteolivete

invest in Monteolivete Valencia

As we mentioned, prices for houses for sale in Monteolivete are also still a lot lower than in the centre of Valencia. With L’Eixample becoming out of reach for many young investors, people are shifting to its younger sister Monteolivete. Whereas the average square metre price is currently around 2,706 euros in Ruzafa, it is 1,991 euros per square metre in Monteolivete. We can therefore say that prices in Monteolivete, as in the En Corts district, are currently lower than in Ruzafa, making these neighbourhoods a good option for people with a slightly lower budget, but who still like to invest close to the city centre.

We see that the Monteolivete neighbourhood is increasingly popular among our clients, and the new figures also confirm this. Square metre prices have risen by almost a 27% in one year in this district. Nevertheless, buying a condo in Monteolivete is still accessible for lower budgets.

We assume you can still find good flats in Monteolivete from the 175,000 euro range. Some flats still need some renovation. Renovation prices are a lot lower in Spain than in the Netherlands or Belgium. Should you choose to renovate, we will gladly help you find a good party that best suits your needs. Through years of experience, we are in contact with the best architects, contractors and builders in Valencia. We are therefore happy to guide you through the entire process; from finding your dream flat in Ruzafa’s younger sister Monteolivete to renovating the house.

At the moment, we can easily say that Monteolivete is one of Valencia’s up-and-coming neighbourhoods. While prices are currently quite favourable, we expect them to slowly rise, as has been the case in the city centre. Valencia’s popularity is still rising at a steady pace, with which prices continue to rise like water.

All in all, it is therefore a very good time to invest in Monteolivete, Valencia. Dream Properties Valencia is happy to help you make a good investment. Let us know how we can help you further.

See you soon in the always sunny Valencia?

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