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Façades in Cabanyal

You have been thinking about buying an apartment in Valencia for some time and it has probably crossed your mind: how wonderful would it be to have a house right on the beach? From our point of view, it is no wonder that many of our clients are very interested, in addition to Ruzafa and the center of Valencia, in the beach district called: El Cabanyal. The still attractive prices, the feeling of living among the Spaniards, a beautiful kilometer-long sandy beach and a wonderful traditional ‘fishing district’ atmosphere. We say: no doubt!

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Next to the beach of Valencia: Poblats Marítims

El Cabanyal is part of the overarching Poblats Marítims, which also includes the neighborhoods of el Grau, la Malvarrosa, Beteró and Nazaret. In this blog we discuss the increasingly popular Cabanyal. The name of this district is officially El Cabanyal-El Canyamelar, or in Valencian Cabañal-Cañamela.

The fishing district of El Cabanyal is located in the port area (La Marina) of Valencia and has grown in popularity in recent years. Both digital nomads, expats and permanent residents settle in Cabanyal. Properties in Cabanyal are still quite affordable. We are seeing a significant price increase, partly due to the many investments being made in the neighbourhood. Prices vary quite a bit. We usually say; in Cabanyal there is something for everyone. You can find many traditional, somewhat older apartments in Cabanyal, but we are also seeing more and more modern options. Clients often choose to purchase an apartment in a good location and renovate it to own taste. A dream apartment within walking distance of the beach, what more could you want?

It is true that you need to know where you are going to buy an apartment in Cabanyal, this can differ per street. The neighborhood is being renovated and that is being managed by the townhall, money has been made available from the European Union. We are happy to advise you on the good and promising areas and streets in the district.


The (recent) history of Cabanyal

El Cabanyal was thus known as the port of Valencia and the place where the workers and fishermen lived. The houses and facades are unique and colorful and the locals are still very proud of the neighborhood. Every year the doors of the district are opened to the public to get a glimpse of what life was like in the 60s in this fishing district.

In recent years, the municipality has invested a lot in tourism and making the city attractive in general. In Cabanyal, more and more streets are pedestrian-only and many bike paths and green areas are being built. The streets are generally clean and free of traffic, so you can find more and more cozy terraces in the neighborhood. Life is relaxed, the food and fresh fish are delicious and the sea breeze makes it complete.

In Cabanyal you are actually always max 10 minutes away from the beach. The center is reached in about 15 minutes by car or taxi. There are also metros and buses to the center of the city and you can of course also go by bike or take a long walk. If you have an apartment in Cabanyal, then you don’t always have to go to the center if you need something. In Cabanyal you will find plenty of supermarkets and shops. El Cabanyal can be characterized as a village in itself.

Houses Cabanyal Valencia

What to do in the Valencian Cabañal?

What is certain is that with an apartment in El Cabanyal you are almost directly on the Malvarossa and Las Arenas beach. Good news: the temperatures in Valencia are often above 20 degrees and there is a lovely sun almost every day. Whether you want to work on your tan, practice water sports or have a nice drink in one of the many “beach bars”; El Cabanyal has it all.

El Cabanyal does not have an exuberant nightlife (except Marina Beach Club and the other nightlife spots directly in the harbour), but it does have many good restaurants and cozy bars with terraces. The list of our favorite eating tips includes La SastreríaCasa CarmelaMercabanyalCasa MontañaLa Fábrica del HieloLa Llimera and Lindala.

Also every year in this district the festival “Los Moros y Cristianos” takes place. Thousands of tourists come to El Cabanyal to celebrate Christianity. The processions and parties last until late at night. In addition, the Semana Santa around Easter is extensively celebrated here with many processions.

Also to enjoy: the local market in Cabanyal. Buy delicious fresh products like the locals do. The market also remains open in the evenings a few days a year. It is then the place to eat, have a drink and celebrate life; something the locals are experts at.

Square in Cabanyal

Housing market in El Cabanyal

In general you will find apartments in El Cabanyal, just like in the rest of the city. For a villa you will have to move to the municipalities around Valencia city. There are, however, a number of townhouses or very occasionally detached houses on the beach. Keep in mind that the prices in that case quickly go to 750,000 euros and higher.

You can find apartments (with unique facades) in all kinds of budgets. Occasionally you will find a good option under 200,000 euros, but then the necessary renovations will still have to be carried out. In general, prices start from 200,000 euros with an average price of 2019 euros per square meter. You will then receive an apartment with two to three bedrooms less than 500 meters from the beach. Sometimes apartments also have more bedrooms, which in turn can be interesting for renting out to students. Valencia’s beachfront neighborhoods are close to the city’s universities, making the area home to many students.

If you want to invest in Valencia, buying an apartment in El Cabanyal is generally a good investment because, being close to the beach, they are popular with tourists (please note that you will not receive official tourist rental licenses at this time) as with expats and long-term tenants. Properties close to the beach are very popular with renters. We do recommend that you keep in mind that house prices are low, but that it is smart to set aside an amount for renovation. Despite the good location, many apartments in Cabanyal still need some love and attention (and sometimes a major renovation) to be rented out or to enjoy yourself.

Fishers cottage - Cabanyal

Prices in Cabanyal are rising

We advise you not to wait too long before investing in this up-and-coming district. Prices will continue to rise with the popularity of Valencia in general. The many investments made by the municipality also make the traditional fishing district more and more interesting. Similar to Ruzafa, where quite a few years ago there were areas where it was better not to go in the evening. So grab your chance now and invest in Cabanyal in Valencia or elsewhere in Valencia. Let us know what you’re looking for and how we can help you.

House prices Cabanyal
Overall, Cabanyal is the neighborhood to be if you are looking for an apartment in a cozy, traditional (fishermen’s) neighborhood with an urban vibe. If you are looking for an apartment to rent out for the medium or long term, El Cabanyal is definitely worth a look. We are happy to show you all the options that fit within your budget and wishes and are ready to tell you about all the good parts of this neighborhood! We are happy to guide you in the process of buying a beautiful apartment in Cabanyal. If you are curious about the offer of Dream Properties Valencia in this district, view properties for sale in Cabanyal.

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