Why not rent, but buy in Valencia

Why not rent but buy in Valencia
Anyone looking for a rental property in Valencia will immediately agree: finding a rental property in Valencia that meets all your needs is currently very difficult. It is therefore not without reason that we are currently unable to process rental applications for Valencia. The cause of this “rental crisis” is of course a bit more complex, but let’s just say that Valencia’s incredible popularity has certainly contributed to many people wishing to spend time in this wonderful city and region. But anyway, you want to come to Valencia, now what?
If you are sure you want to enjoy Valencia for a long time and if you have the financial possibility, why not buy right away? Buying a house in Valencia is still the best option at the moment. There are several reasons for this and we are happy to explain them.

1. A good investment

A well-known fact when buying a house vs renting a house: with a rental house, you’ re losing the money while with buying a house, it is an investment, which is also very likely to increase in value. Especially with current inflation, investing in stone is a good option. In addition, in Valencia you can still buy a lot of house for your money, especially if you compare this to cities like Amsterdam and Antwerp, but also Madrid and Barcelona. The m² prices are a lot lower than in these aforementioned cities. Read more about the fact that a house for sale is a better investment for later in the analysis of the real estate market in Valencia.

2. Return on rental

Shortage on the rental market in Valencia? That, of course, also presents opportunities. Licences for tourist rentals have not been issued in Valencia for some time, but medium- to long-term rentals are still possible. In fact, there is very high demand for this right now. So you might consider buying a house in Valencia purely for rental purposes. For you returns from monthly rental income, for someone else a rental property. Win – win!

3. Permanent home in Spain's best city

Who wouldn’t want a permanent base in Spain’s most fun city? Staying in Valencia for a longer time or more often is certainly not a punishment. Valencia is fun all year round: in summer, of course, you have the vibrancy of its wide sandy beaches, but also the rest of the year you can enjoy everything the city has to offer. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in Spanish culture and language.

Now is the time to buy a house in Valencia

Timing is everything, especially when buying a house. With these developments in the housing market, you have a great chance of making a good investment for both the short term (return from rentals) and the long term (house price increase in general). Are you interested in buying a house in Valencia, or simply want more information about investing in Valencia or investing in Spain? Let us know through the contact form.

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