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When you think of buying a flat in Valencia, you might quickly end up in the Ruzafa, El Carmen or Cabanyal districts. If you’re looking for more competitive square metre prices, it doesn’t hurt to look beyond these popular neighbourhoods. We take you on a discovery tour of Patraix. A small village inside a city. Quiet, but the centre of Valencia within reach. And don’t forget the cosy but friendly atmosphere. Does this sound attractive? Then read on quickly!

Patraix street art
A colourful village in a city

Patraix, a village in Valencia city

Following in the footsteps of Ruzafa, Patraix, located southwest of the city centre, is increasingly beginning to develop its own identity. This identity can be described as a combination of the tranquillity of a village, with a close-knit local community, and the influences of a bustling big city.

Municipality of Patraix

Even terug naar het begin. Patraix is tot 1870 een onafhankelijke gemeente geweest. This immediately explains why the district still has the “village” feel. In 1870, the municipality of Patraix became part of Valencia city and thus one of the city’s eight districts. About 60,000 people live in the district. Patraix can be divided into five districts: Sant Isidre, Vara de Quart, Safranar, Favara and Patraix. In this article, we are going to focus mainly on Patraix, the closest to the city centre.

Patraix history
Patraix is part of Valencia city since 1870

Although the district is just a seven-minute drive and a 20-minute walk from the centre of Valencia, it has always retained the feel of a village. Walk the streets and check out the traditional houses around Plaza de Patraix (the place to be for daily socialising on the terraces). And don’t forget to take a look at the following streets: Calle Alcudia, Beata Inés and Marqués de Elx and feel what the locals experience on a daily basis. Then also take in the neighbourhood’s street art. El Carmen is certainly not the only district with urban art.

Moreover, you will generally encounter few tourists in Patraix; in other words, living among Spanish people. Many young Spaniards and families live in Patraix. This is because prices are still favourable and Patraix is the perfect location to escape the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

parc Patraix
So much peace and quiet within walking distance of Valencia city centre

Casco antiguo (old town) of Patraix

Patraix also has its own historic centre. Looking at the houses, the townhouses with small balconies and coloured facades catch your eye. In Patraix’s old centre, Plaza de Patraix square is the focal point. Terraces line wide pavements and are the perfect place to enjoy the day with family and friends.

Also not to be missed in Plaza de Patraix: the church with narrow tower. And you might hear locals talking about the ¨Parque de los Locos¨ (the park of the lunatics). Officially, it is called the Parque del Padre Jofré. This park owes its name to the old psychiatric sanatorium located there. The park is also home to the Archivo General y Fotográfico de la Diputación, where thousands of documents and photos with historical value for the city are stored.

Patraix terrace
Just another Tuesday night in Patraix

Life in Patraix

Love shopping at a local butcher, patisserie or bakery? No problem in Patraix, you’ll find plenty of them. In addition, you can choose from 70 different market stalls at the Mercado de Jesus – Patraix to buy fresh and local produce.

Patraix also has a modern side. For example, take a look at l’Alquería de Mara. An old renovated farmhouse where history and design come together. The farm houses several shops and a co-working space. Regular events and workshops take place here.

Typical Spanish tapas can be found at restaurants El Observatorio, Veu Veu and La Casa Del Tapeo. Fancy a traditional night out? Visit the nightlife area of Abastos, located close to Patraix, and throw your hips loose at one of the local salsa clubs for the real Spanish experience.

Also remember that Patraix is easily accessible from the city centre by metro and bus. Also, in Patraix you are close to the Joaquin Sorolla AVE train station with connections to Madrid and Barcelona, among others.

New build and existing build alternate

Invest in Patraix

We already mentioned that prices in Patraix are still very attractive. Perfect for starters and investors. Should you plan to rent out for the long term, Patraix is an excellent location. It is easy to make returns on such convenient purchase prices.

Typical homes in Patraix are townhouses, and you will also find flats for different budgets. In the overall district of Patraix, you can currently expect an average square metre price of 1,788 euros. Looking specifically at the Patraix district, we see an average square metre price of 1,805 euros. That is still 38.5% lower than the average price in Ruzafa of 2,938 euros per square metre.

house prices Patraix

We expect house prices in Patraix to continue rising for some time to come. Especially considering that in the most recent analysis real estate market Valencia, Patraix was in the top 3 neighbourhoods with the biggest year-on-year price increase.

An excellent time to invest in Valencia’s cosy village of Patraix. In any case, we will be happy to show you all available flats in Patraix that suit your needs.

Will you join us soon in Patraix? Let us know in a Property Finder Service what you are looking for and when you are coming to Valencia. We will be happy to help.

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