Valencia is Designated World Design Capital 2022


In 2019, the World Design Organization (WDO) announced Valencia as World Design Capital 2022. The WDO designate this prestigious title every two years, and the chosen city enjoys a year-long programme of events during the titular year (2022 for Valencia). These events are an opportunity for Valencia to showcase its accomplishments and best practices regarding sustainable design and innovation.

Valencia is Spain’s first city to receive such recognition and the eighth city worldwide. The title is well-deserved, given Valencia’s impressive design legacy, and substantiates Valencia’s place as a global leader in design and innovation.

World Design Capital Initiative

The WDO introduced the World Design Capital (WDC) initiative in 2008. The aim is to promote design and innovation as a way to further social, cultural, economic and environmental development across the world. Cities are selected based on their proven ability to leverage design to improve their citizen’s lives. Then, the events during the titular year offer a chance for the cities to showcase this ability. 

The impact of this designation is significant. The WDO states that the WDC will receive global recognition for its achievements, joining an international network of cities who share their design and innovation strategies. Subsequently, the designated city should experience notable improvements in quality of life, thanks to their continued involvement in design-led development strategies. Moreover, the city will attract significant tourism and investment whilst possessing a lasting reputation as a design and innovation hub.

Why Valencia?

The city of Valencia and, in general, the Valencian Community, is a land of creativity. The work of professional designers, architects, interior designers and illustrators over the last century shows a design culture that extends throughout the whole region.

World Design Capital Valencia 2022 – About

Valencia’s time-honoured design legacy secured its place as World Design Capital 2022. The city leverages design to positively impact industry, mobility and infrastructure, such as implementing successful design-led public policy strategies.

Valencia also boasts a spectacular mix of historic and modern structures, from the stunning examples of late gothic architecture to the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences complex. Furthermore, these impressive structures coexist with natural environments such as the famous Turia Garden. This impressive garden was designed around the old riverbed of the diverted Turia River and is one of Europe’s biggest urban parks.

Valencia World Design Capital 2022 Events

The programme of events in 2022 represents Valencia’s opportunity to showcase itself as a leading centre of design and innovation. The primary event is the Valencian design exhibition, which will take place from September 2021 to April 2022. The WDO will host this exhibition at IVAM Alcoi and showcase different Valencian design examples from 2009 to present.

To discover other events scheduled in Valencia, visit World Design Capital, Valencia 2022.

Moving to the World Design Capital

The designation of World Design Capital 2022 is sure to have a notable impact on what is already the world’s best city for expats. With increased investment and improvements in quality of life imminent, there is no better time than now to move to or invest in Valencia!

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