8 x starred restaurants in Valencia city (and 1 starred restaurant in Sagunto)

starred restaurants Valencia city

When you think of Valencia, you may think of the sun and its beautiful architecture, but you certainly think of food and drinks. In the region of oranges, paella and horchata, you will be short of time to discover all the nice restaurants and cosy terraces. Even the most exquisite foodie will run out of time, as there are several starred restaurants in Valencia.

In this blog, we list the Michelin-starred restaurants in Valencia city and nearby Sagunto. Also curious to see what can be found in the southern Valencia region? Then read starred restaurants on the Costa Blanca.

Starred restaurants Valencia 2024

Valencia city currently has no less than eight Michelin-starred restaurants. Two of them have two Michelin stars, the other six have one. There is also a Michelin-starred restaurant in Sagunto, about half an hour drive from Valencia city.

Herewith the list. We start with the restaurants with two stars.

1. Ricard Camarena, Valencia city **

Valencia city is home to various restaurants by Valencian chef Ricard Camarena. Just outside the city centre, you will find his eponymous restaurant Ricard Camarena, which has two Michelin stars.

The menu is based on fresh, seasonal ingredients from local producers from the Valencia region. The creative and innovative dishes have an focus on texture, colour and presentation. Some of the restaurant’s signature dishes include the smoked eel with caviar and cream cheese, the beef with smoked bone marrow and truffle, green tomato tartare with pistachio cream and the beetroot cake with burrata cheese and red fruits.

Richard Camarena restaurant is within walking distance of Valencia’s historic centre. It has an open kitchen, allowing you to see the chefs at work. A must-see and -eat for chic dining out in Valencia!

Besides his Michelin-starred restaurant, Ricard Camarena also has a number of restaurants in the city with a more casual atmosphere, which are Canalla Bistro, Central Bar, Habitual and Bar X.

Restaurante Ricard Camarena
Av. de Burjassot 54, Valencia
Phone: +34 963 35 54 18
Website: ricardcamarena.com

2. El Poblet, Valencia city **

Chef Quique Dacosta is a well-known chef in the region, with a number of restaurants under his belt, including the three-star restaurant Quique Dacosta in Denia (an hour drive from Valencia city). His restaurant El Poblet in the centre of Valencia city has no less than two Michelin stars. The name is a reference to Els Poblets, a town in the region where Dacosta officially came from.

The kitchen is supervised by chef Luis Valls, who has witnessed the awarding of all three Michelin stars during his time at the Quique Dacosta Restaurant, headed by Dacosta himself. The cuisine is an haute cuisine version of Valencian cuisine, naturally with the influence and creativity of Quique Dacosta.

El Poblet is located in the heart of central Valencia, a two-minute walk from Plaza del Ayuntamiento. The restaurant has an open kitchen concept where you can watch the chefs create the culinary masterpieces.

Quique Dacosta has three other restaurants in Valencia city: Mercatbar, Vuelve Carolina and Llisa Negra.

Restaurante El Poblet
Calle de Correus 8, Valencia
Phone: +34 961 11 11 06
Website: elpobletrestaurante.com

3. La Salita, Valencia city *​

La Salita is a Valencia city restaurant with one Michelin star. It is a popular restaurant known for its modern twist on traditional Valencian cuisine.

La Salita is run by chef Begoña Rodrigo, who won the Spanish version of the TV show “Top Chef” in 2013. The restaurant has received several awards and recognitions, including a Michelin Plate award in the 2021 Michelin Guide.

The restaurant can be found in Valencia city’s bustling Ruzafa district. Housed in an 18th-century building, it has a small garden with a terrace at the back. A serene space surrounded by plants, flowers and trees, making it an ideal spot for a romantic dinner or an informal lunch with friends.

Restaurante La Salita
Calle de Pere III el Gran 11, Valencia
Phone: +34 609 33 07 60
Website: anarkiagroup.com/inicio/la-salita

4. Riff, Valencia city *

Riff is a starred restaurant in Valencia with one Michelin star. The restaurant is known for its cutting edge approach to Mediterranean cuisine, using the purest and freshest ingredients of each season.

The chef and owner of Riff is Bernd H. Knöller, a German-born chef who has lived and worked in Valencia for more than 20 years. Knöller’s cuisine is heavily influenced by his travels around the world, and he is known for his use of unique ingredients and flavour combinations.

Riff offers several tasting menus, including a vegetarian menu and a menu of the restaurant’s signature dishes. Some of the dishes include red tuna tartare with beetroot, Mediterranean octopus with pumpkin and roasted duck breast with mango and sweet potato.

Riff has an intimate and exclusive setting, with a limited number of tables. So book in time! You will find Riff in the Gran Via district (Canovas).

Restaurante Riff
Calle del Comte d’Altea, 18, Valencia
Phone: +34 963 35 31 78
Website: restaurante-riff.com

5. Fierro, Valencia city *​

There is another Michelin-starred restaurant in Ruzafa, which is Fierro with one Michelin star. This restaurant is run by chef-duo Carito Lourenço and Germán Carrizo, who combine their unique vision of haute cuisine with their roots from Argentina.

Fierro’s cuisine revolves around a tasting menu with two wine pairings, centred around the Mediterranean. You can also enjoy some seasonal extras such as truffles, caviar and artisanal cheeses. A parade of dishes and flavours in a unique context.

Extra special is the restaurant’s homely and intimate setting. In a 57 m2 space, there are only four tables. You’ll understand; book in time!

Restaurante Fierro
Calle del Doctor Serrano, 4, 46006, Valencia
Phone: +34 963 30 52 44
Website: fierrovlc.com

6. Lienzo, Valencia city *

On the edge of central Valencia, you will find Lienzo, a one-Michelin-starred restaurant run by Murcia-born chef María José Martínez.

The restaurant boasts modern Mediterranean cuisine that makes full use of seasonal Valencian ingredients from the gardens, mountains and sea. Notable is their special involvement with bees. The restaurant has its own hive, where honeybees are kept and honey is produced. This honey is reflected in various dishes and drinks.

Lienzo is the Spanish word for ¨Canvas¨ and that immediately explains the interior: whitewashed walls decorated with striking, colourful canvases by Valencian artists, which change every three months.

Restaurante Lienzo
Plaza de Tetuan, 18, 46003, Valencia
Phone: +34 963 52 10 81
Website: restaurantelienzo.com

7. Kaido Sushi Bar, Valencia city *

True sushi lovers with refined tastes will be in heaven at Valencia’s Kaido Sushi Bar. This is a one-Michelin-starred sushi restaurant. Haute causine, Japanese style!

Led by chefs Ulises Menezo and Yoshikazu Yanome, traditional Japanese gastronomy is excellently combined with Mediterranean produce. Nigiris are the absolute stars of the menu here and an ingredient you often see is red shrimp. Every bite brings an explosion of flavours.

Eating at Kaido Sushi Bar is quite an experience. You sit around a bar, where you can watch the sushi chefs at work. There is room for a maximum of 10 people at a time, which is why it is often fully booked.

Restaurante Kaido Sushi Bar
Calle del Chile, 3, 46021, Valencia
Phone: +34 687 00 06 96
Website: kaidosushi.es

8. Fraula, Valencia city *

A new addition to this list is Fraula, which is headed by chefs Roseta Félix and Daniel Malavía and now boasts one Michelin star. Thanks to this addition, the list of starred restaurants in Valencia city now stands at no less than eight.

The dishes at Fraula are based on seasonal ingredients, especially those from local vegetable gardens. This makes the menus a surprise, depending on what is available at the market and fish market. Accordingly, their website states, ¨All you have to do is take a seat at our tables, let yourself go and enjoy.¨

The restaurant is located in the stately neighborhood of El Pla del Remei, just a few meters from the Mercado de Colón.

Restaurante Fraula
Calle de Ciril Amorós, 84 , 46004, Valencia
Phone: +34 680 348 120
Website: fraula.es

9. Arrels, Sagunto *

It is worth a visit to the historic town of Sagunto sometime in any case. Arrels, the one-Michelin-starred restaurant makes the trip even more worthwhile.

The kitchen is headed by chef Vicky Sevilla. A young, ambitious lady who has cooked under prestigious Valencian chefs such as Susi Dias (La Finca), Vicente Patiño (Saiti) and Begoña Rodrigo (La Salita). In Arrels, she showcases modern, creative cuisine, with the local area (in Valencian, Arrels translates as “roots”) at its heart. The tasting menus feature beautiful dishes with finely textured sauces.

The restaurant is in a beautiful location: the old stables of the Palace of the Dukes of Gaeta, a 16th-century medieval palace. Two Gothic arches, one Mozarabic and one Romanesque, are still preserved there.

Restaurante Arrels
Calle del Castell, 18, 46500 Sagunto
Phone: +34 606 75 40 76
Website: restaurantarrels.com

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