Moving to Valencia? Useful tips

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Thinking of moving to Valencia? Great idea! At our office in Valencia city, you’ll find only people who went before you. All with a different starting point, but all with the same final destination: beautiful, sunny Valencia! As experts by experience, we would like to give you tips to make your move to Valencia as smooth as possible. Whether it is for emigration, or as a temporary option.

Why move to Valencia?

We asked the question to our colleagues in the office: what was your reason for moving to Valencia? The two most frequently given answers: the weather and the lifestyle. The first of course speaks for itself, with so many hours of sunshine, it’s a world of difference and your day already starts cheerfully. And this sunny weather also affects the lifestyle. As soon as you step outside, you immediately have a vacation vibe. The terraces are full, the people are happy and friendly and you automatically absorb that. Valencians are bon vivants. This affects little things like when you go out to eat, down to the way you plan, or how much you worry about things. In addition, there are many other reasons why moving to the Comunidad Valenciana is a good idea, such as the food, the culture, the beautiful buildings, the festivals, the nature, the sea and the cost of living. Read more good reasons on the page Why Valencia.

Helpful tips when moving to Valencia

Moving is always an experience, let alone moving to Valencia! However, good preparation is half the battle and so is this move. Therefore, here are some tips, to help with this preparation and then to ensure a good start to your life in Valencia.


If you are going to stay in Valencia for more than three months, you will need an NIE. But also if you are going to buy or rent a house, open a Spanish bank account, take out a telephone subscription, rent a car…. in short, for pretty much everything. So put at the top of your list of things to take care of:

  • NIE

In addition, it is a good idea to put the following items on your move-to-do list in advance:

  • Empadronamiento – registration with the municipality.
  • Social Seguridad – registration with the public healthcare system.
  • Licencia de conducir – convert your driver’s license to a Spanish driver’s license.


A lot of social platforms have been added in recent years, but if you are moving to Valencia, or abroad in general, Facebook proves to be a good place to network. This is because many Facebook groups have been created, where your fellow relocators have gathered. Here you can go for tips and advice, but also just to meet new people. Furthermore, you can also use apps like Telegram and Meetup. 

Moving companies

There are many companies that go back and forth between different countries and Spain. Usually they calculate their price per square meter. How expensive the move is going to be depends entirely on how much you take with you! A good opportunity to ‘declutter’!

On the aforementioned Facebook groups you will find many moving companies advertising their services in the group. You can also place a call yourself and you will see several companies respond. Be sure to check their insurance.


Finding housing in Valencia can also still be a challenge. Supply is currently scarce, both in the buying market and the rental market. Are you planning to buy a house in Valencia? Then you’ve come to the right place. Fill out a Property Finder Service and we will get to work for you. With our knowledge of the market and our reliable network, we can show you almost everything that is for sale. Prefer to rent first? Although we don’t rent properties ourselves, we can connect you (depending on your needs) with a reliable rental partner.

We hope these tips help you plan your move to Valencia. Do you have further questions as a result of this article, or about other matters concerning moving to Valencia or buying a house in Valencia? Feel free to contact us.

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