The cheapest and most expensive area for a house in Valencia city (2022)

Cheapest and most expernsive area valencia

The real estate market in Valencia city, region, but also in the whole of Spain is moving fast since the pandemic. Something you could already see in the Analysis real estate market Valencia and Analysis real estate market Spain. But what is actually the most expensive district in Valencia to buy a house? And in which district in Valencia you can buy ‘cheaper’ apartments?

Overall, the Valencia region still falls in the middle when it comes to the most expensive and cheapest autonomous region of Spain. In January this year, an average price of 1,377 euros per square meter was recorded here. In comparison, the most expensive average price per square meter can be found, not entirely surprisingly, in the Balearic Islands courtesy of Ibiza and Mallorca. Here you can easily pay 3,330 euros per square meter for a house. This is not so bad compared to Amsterdam, for example, where you currently pay double that amount per square meter. The region with the lowest price per square meter is Extremadura in the interior of Spain, here the average per square meter is 828 euros.

By the way, the average house price in Spain is 1,883 euros per square meter, so Valencia is still well below that. A nice comparison to show that in Valencia you still get more house for your money.

Property prices in Valencia on the rise

According to insiders, the housing market is “entering a new era, in which house prices will continue the upward trend.¨ This is partly because (new) construction in Spain (and of course worldwide) has been hit by a supply crisis. It is difficult to get raw materials and building materials.

During 2022, this trend in the housing market in Spain is expected to stabilize. A good time to look at what are now interesting and profitable neighborhoods to invest in in Valencia.

map Valencia areas

Most expensive neighborhoods to buy a house in Valencia

  1. El Mercat (4.080,60€/m2)
  2. Sant Francesc (3.804,30€/m2)
  3. El Pla del Remei (3.528€/m2)
  4. Gran Vía (3.473,10€/m2)
  5. La Xerea (2.757,60€/m2)
  6. La Roqueta (2.630,70€/m2)
  7. Russafa (2.540,70€/m2)
  8. El Pilar (2.415,60€/m2)
  9. El Carme (2.349,90€/m2)
  10. Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències (2.349,90€/m2)
  11. Sant Pau (2.313,90€/m2)
  12. Arrancapins (2.292,30€/m2)
  13. Penya Roja (2.241€/m2)
  14. L’ Amistat (2.096,10€/m2)
  15. Botanic (2.037,60€/m2)

Cheapest neighborhoods to buy a house in Valencia

  1. Benicalap (1.033,20€/m2)
  2. Sant Llorenç (1.162,80€/m2)
  3. Torrefiel (1.263,60€/m2)
  4. Nou Moles (1.400,40€/m2)
  5. Patraix (1.450,80€/m2)
  6. En Corts (1.466,10€/m2)
  7. Campanar (1.466,10€/m2)
  8. Malilla (1.619,10€/m2)
  9. El Grau (1.642,50€/m2)
  10. Aiora (1.733,40€/m2)
  11. El Cabanyal-El Canyamelar (1.742,40€/m2)
  12. Montolivet (1.747,80€/m2)
  13. Benimaclet (1.754,10€/m2)
  14. Nou Campanar (1.772,10€/m2)
  15. Nou Benicalap (1.800€/m2)
  16. Playa de la Malvarrosa (1.814,40€/m2)
  17. Mestalla (1.881€/m2)
  18. La Petxina (1.908€/m2)

For those interested in medium to long term rentals in Valencia city, we have also attached the overview of average rental prices per square meter per neighborhood.

Most expensive areas to rent in Valencia

  1. Sant Francesc (11,29€/m2)
  2. El Carme (11,04€/m2)
  3. El Mercat (10,89€/m2)
  4. Russafa (10,76€/m2)
  5. La Petxina (10,60€/m2)
  6. Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències (10,54€/m2)
  7. Gran Vía (10,47€/m2)
  8. El Pla del Remei (10,42€/m2)
  9. Mestalla (10,40€/m2)
  10. La Xerea (10,10€/m2)
  11. Montolivet (9,44€/m2)
  12. Sant Pau (9,15€/m2)
  13. El Pilar (9,09€/m2)

Cheapest areas to rent in Valencia

  1. Torrefiel (6,47€/m2)
  2. Nou Moles (7,12€/m2)
  3. Nou Benicalap (7,34€/m2)
  4. Campanar (7,34€/m2)
  5. Benicalap (7,37€/m2)
  6. En Corts (7,70€/m2)
  7. Patraix (7,83€/m2)
  8. Playa de la Malvarrosa (8,25€/m2)
  9. Penya Roja (8,26€/m2)
  10. Malilla (8,35€/m2)
  11. Nou Campanar (8,37€/m2)
  12. La Roqueta (8,42€/m2)
  13. Aiora (8,47€/m2)
  14. El Grau (8,56€/m2)
  15. L’ Amistat (8,65€/m2)
  16. Botanic (8,69€/m2)
  17. Arrancapins (8,69€/m2)
  18. Benimaclet (8,72€/m2)
  19. Sant Llorenç (8,85€/m2)
  20. El Cabanyal-El Canyamelar (8,93€/m2)

Want to know more about which neighborhoods in Valencia are interesting to buy or invest in for rent? Contact us and we will be happy to help you!

Source: 7teleValencia

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