Where to live in Valencia City

where to live in valencia city

A sneak peak of a few of our favorite neighbourhoods

One of the frequently asked questions is: “What is the best place to live in Valencia?”.
As you can understand this question cannot be answered in a simple way. Furthermore there is no right (or wrong) answer to this question, as this as subjective as can be. One thing we know for sure: according to expats Valencia is the best city to live in. We are, as a little sneak peak, proud to present you a few of our favourite neighbourhoods for different budgets in this blog. 

Best locations to live in Valencia city

Our colleagues from Relocation Services Valencia wrote before about the best places to live in Valencia City. Again, this is very personal and all depends on your requirements and budget, but also from what type of property you like. Below you find a couple of ideas of properties in the populair areas of Valencia city.

L’Eixample district

The beautiful, upmarket Eixample district is a favourite among expats and also ourselves, as our office is located here. The long streets consist of an array of designer boutiques, chic cafés and department stores. As such, it is the most important commercial area in Valencia city. Moreover, a short walk to Colón Market gives you the option of a variety of restaurants and trendy cocktail bars, as well as the chance to enjoy this stunning example of Valencian Art Noveau.

The district consists of three neighbourhoods: Gran Via (often referred to as Canovas and one of the more affluent neighbourhoods in Valencia), Pla del Remei (the shopping hub of Valencia) and Ruzafa (the trendy, younger sister where you can also find our Relocation Services office). All of which are some of the best places to live in Valencia.

L’Eixample might not be the cheapest neighbourhood, but a perfect pick if you look for a lively place to live. To give you and idea of some good properties in L’Eixample (prices start around 200.000 euros)

new construction valencia - ruzafa apartment
New penthouse in Ruzafa - € 239.000
best locations to live in valencia
Apartment in Ruzafa - € 269.000
apartment for sale in Canovas - best places to live
renovated apartment in Canovas - € 445.000
renovated apartment in Pla del Remei - € 750.000
renovated apartment in Pla del Remei - € 750.000

Quatre Carreres District

Another good option at just a 5 to 10 minute walk from the centre of Valencia: Quatre Carreres District. A perfect pick if you wish to live very near to the centre of Valencia but with a slightly lower budget (120.000 to 170.000 euros or more). Don’t forget to go take a look in the Monteolivete (next to the Turia) and En Corts (right next to Ruzafa) during your orientation trip.

Some nice properties that are currently available:

Property for sale in En Corts Valencia
apartment for sale in En Corts - € 120.000
best places to live in Valencia - En Corts
apartment for sale in En Corts - € 180.000

Benicalap District

The Benicalap neighbourhood is a great residential area for families, especially those seeking an array of outdoor activities. This neighbourhood is home to Parque de Benicalap, which is another one of the biggest green spaces in Valencia. Here you will find a children’s play area, sports fields, an outdoor swimming pool, an active water zone and a children’s water park.
The neighbourhood is upcoming and prices are still very interesting. Located just north from the Turia you might even still be able to find some good new build projects.

new construction valencia - benicalap
apartment in Benicalap - € 208.581
penthouse in Benicalap - Dream Properties VAlencia
Penthouse in Benicalap - € 294.245

Poblats Marítims

And then there is the beach area! If living at just a 5-minute walk from the beach seems like a good idea, we definitely suggest to visit the beach area of Valencia during your orientation trip. The mayor currently is investing quite some money in making the area even more attractive so we expect prices to go up over the years.

Some good properties you should not miss:

apartment in Cabanyal - best places in valencia
apartment in Cabanyal - € 240.000
apartment in Cabanyal - € 192.500
apartment in Cabanyal - € 192.500

Orientation trip Valencia

If you are not yet familiar with Valencia city and don’t know where exactly you would like to live, an oriëntation trip could be a good idea. We are happy to assist you on your way to experience this beautiful city. During this trip, you can explore the location yourself, but with the aid of the knowledge and expertise that we provide. This way you will quickly learn a lot about the city. Read more about our taylor made oriëntation trips.

Property finder service

If your are interested to know more about properties in a certain area or to get advise about which area could match with your requiremens, use our free Property Finder Service. Simply complete the form provided and we will begin searching for properties that meet your requirements.

So, sit back and relax and we will send you a customised list of properties via email. A service we provide at no extra cost!

Next time we will write more about the best locations in Valencia Suburbs.

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