NIE-number in Valencia

NIE in Valencia

For those planning on living in Valencia; you will probably be reading and hearing a lot about the NIE. What is it, why do you need one (do you?) and how do you get it? And what is all the fuss recently about TIE? The Internet gives you a lot of information. But is all you read on forums correct, up-to-date and applicable for the area you would like to move to? There is a lot of movement going on regarding a NIE in Valencia and NIE-numbers in Spain in general. Dream Properties Valencia gives you a resume of the ongoing processes and explains again what is what.

NIE in Valencia

You can see your NIE-number as your personal identification number in Spain. NIE means Número de Identificación de Extranjero and you will only have to apply for it once. Even if you move places within Spain, the NIE-number is valid for life.

(Why) do you want a NIE?

When searching for houses, jobs, possibilities on how to start a company or for example open a bank account in Spain a NIE seems required. Almost everybody wants it, needs it. However, nowadays there are more and more banks where you can open an account showing your passport. Also, when it comes to renting a property, more owners are willing to rent it out, even if there is no NIE-number. Even the social security offices or notaries should, by law, accept passports from Schengen-countries instead of NIEs for helping you get you insurance or documents. Sadly, the reality is not always what you read or how it theoretically should be. Spanish computer systems most of the time won´t let you finish filling out a form or making certain appointments without a NIE-number.

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How do you get a NIE-number?

We would like to provide you with the one and only solution, but unfortunately, we can´t. Again, theoretically, there is (used to be) a standard procedure. This consists of making an appointment at the correct police-station, fill out the proper forms and pay the service charge. This can be done by you, or we support you in getting things done right. There are also lawyers and administration offices in Spain specialized in getting the NIE-number. Dream Properties Valencia has connections in the whole Comunidad Valenciana.

Since the beginning of August, the system of giving out appointments for NIE-numbers in the city of Valencia has collapsed (not clear if this was caused by consequences of Covid19 entirely). It is hard or nearly impossible to get an online appointment, and no NIE-numbers are being assigned. They are stimulating to get residency (incl. NIE) directly. This is a slightly more complicated process and not everybody wants to register as a Spanish resident and unregister in their home-country.

Relocation Valencia

Also, other municipalities in the province of Valencia, where it used to be easier to get a NIE-number, relegate to the Valencian City system. We have been asking around, and there are possibilities in other Valencian provinces. If you do have plans to buy in Valencia or surrounding soon, a lawyer (with full power authorization by notary) can help you with the NIE within 2-4 weeks. Are you arriving in Valencia and your accommodation is been taken care of or you would like to rent a property, maybe you will have to get the NIE-number in other Spanish municipalities? If you are thinking of coming to Valencia soon to rent or buy, contact us for more information. Happy to help you with your relocation process too (including schools, insurance, etc.).

In case you are considering a move to the sunny South, but this won´t be within the next 4-6 months or so, try to get the NIE-number in your own country. Contact your Spain embassy and they will be able to help. But this might sometimes take months too, so don´t wait too long and come prepared!


What about the TIE? This stands for Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero. This is an identity card for foreigners which is issued to non-EU residents in Spain. For non-EU citizens who have registered as residents in Spain and are already in possession of a green A4 residency certificate or a small green residency card, the TIE card is optional (for the moment). UK citizens who have not registered as residents in Spain but intend to carry on living in the country after December 31st 2020 (for more than 90 days over a 180-day period) will have to get a TIE.

So in a nutshell:

  • NIE-Nummer: for EU-citizens. Valid for life.
  • NIF: tax identification number for companies.
  • Residencía: In case you would like to unregister in your home country, and become a full resident of Spain, you can apply for Tarjeta de Residencía. This includes a NIE-number. The conditions to get the residency are stricter. You will need for example proof of registration in a Spanish municipality (=Spanish address), a Spanish work contract or letter of employer, a Spanish private health insurance, enough monthly income.
  • TIE: for non-EU-citizens who have or would like to have residency in Spain or who would like to buy or work in Spain. Not obligatory yet, but recommendable for British residents.

Fulfill your dream of a life in Valencia? Go for it! There are lots of possibilities to get to the NIE or other required documents to buy, work, start a life in Spain. Make sure you come well prepared. Start in time and ask the specialists. Be selective in gathering your information.

* This article was written 4 Septemeber 2020, subject to changes.

More information? Please contact us or look for more information on our relocation section and expat service.

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