Invest in Property in Valencia

Invest in Property in Valencia

It is currently interesting to invest in Valencia and Spanish real estate in general. As a result, as in any major city in Spain, house prices in Valencia City have also risen in certain neighborhoods of Valencia city. Some prospective buyers are now finding that their original budget no longer matches their original wishes at this point. Dream Properties Valencia gives you some more information about alternative neighborhoods in Valencia, that can also fit within the budget and the wishes and where you can still invest well in Valencia. A good example of this is the Ruzafa district, a hugely popular area to invest in Valencia and which has increased sharply in recent years. The obvious alternative here is the Monteolivete district, one of the emerging areas of Valencia. Let’s take a look at what you can buy for what budget both inside and outside the beautiful city of Valencia. Where can you invest well in Valencia.

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Buy in Valencia in the lower budget

To invest in Valencia in a lower budget is becoming an increasingly difficult task. Fortunately, there are still plenty of neighborhoods where you can find something decent for less than 100,000 euro. The Nazaret district is an option, but also the Mislata district. This area is located near the metro line that goes to the airport and the center, and near the Bioparc (zoo) and the Parque de Cabecera city park.

You could also look at Torrefiel and Marxalanes. North of the river bed (Turia) near La Zaida, towards the Levante football stadium. There are some streets you might want to avoid in these neighborhoods (Calle Daroca, for example), but most of them are okay. Benicalap is another neighborhood that can be interesting. This is near the yet to be completed new football stadium of Valencia. These are solid working-class neighborhoods with all amenities at hand and important: close to the metro line to the city or beach. It is also only a twenty-minute walk from here to the center.

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Prefer close to the beach?

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Invest in Valencia in a budget of 150.000 euro and more

Ruzafa is the most popular district in last years, but prices have risen. Now you will have to spend over 200K to buy an apartment in Ruzafa. A good alternative to this is therefore the Monteolivete district. Here you still can find some beautiful apartments below 200K or even less with a small renovation. Another cheaper alternative for Ruzafa is the En Corts neighborhood on the other side of Avenida Peris y Valero from Ruzafa.

If you want to buy in El Carmen or alternatively in the Botánico district in the old city, you will in general also be spending 200K or more. Cheaper alternatives are the districts of Arrancapins (west of Gran Via Fernando el Católico) and Patraix. If you’re lucky, there might be something for sale in the Benimaclet area. Everything that is not inhabited is rented out to students because of the universities in the area. The Benimaclet district can therefore be interesting if this is your approach in terms of investing in Valencia and you want to rent out to students.

Modern style apartments in Valencia

If you prefer a more recent architectural style, the neighborhoods around Ciudad de les Artes and Campanar in the direction of the Bioparc (zoo) north of the Turia riverbed are a great choice. Here you can find apartments that were built between the years 2000-2008. Most have swimming pools, squash courts, padel courts, gyms and communal gardens. They are often a lot higher than the older buildings in the old center and they have a great view. But beware: prices for a two-bedroom apartment start at around 220,000 euros. And depending on the view, orientation, etc., asking prices can quickly rise. Is there an alternative to the more modern architectural style? You could try Patacona (beach area), but again higher in price.

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You prefer the city center? There are some new build – renovation project a.o. in Ruzafa, where you still have the nice facades, but the interior is completely new. Prices from 230K and up.


Plans to invest in Valencia?

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