Congratulations on your home in Spain!

You will soon have the key to your new house or apartment in Valencia and of course you want to enjoy it to the fullest immediately. 

No worries, we can of course also provide a “soft landing”. 

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So, what next?

If all goes well, many things have of course already been discussed and arranged in advance and you know what to do when you have the key. On one hand it will be that you really only have to turn the key, but on the other hand there may still be a lot of work to be done to make your house liveable.

You have already seen that we offer a wide range of services, which we can provide ourselves or through our network.

However, people usually have a standard ‘wish list’ of things that need to be done – which is why we want to share it with you. You can also easily indicate what applies in your case and where you might want to call in our help.

Starter Pack - Standard to do list

Remember you can contact us to help you with one or all of the points on this list – or of course, anything else you need assistance with!

Let us know which services you need and our after sales department will contact you to make you a proposal.

Of course you immediately need all utilities such as electricity and water. In general, this is also usually not concluded in Spain, but transferred to the name of the new owner. Make sure you put this question to your lawyer, who will arrange it immediately when the house is handed over. That is the fastest and simplest. It also prevents you from having to get started with the unwieldy Spanish companies yourself and reinvent the wheel.

It is recommended that you replace the locks on your new home. Because the house has often not been exclusively for sale with a real estate agent, there may still be keys in circulation. Here too we can ensure that this is replaced quickly. Furthermore, the installation of an alarm system could be a good idea as well.

You will more than likely want to install one or more TVs in your holiday home or permanent residence. How can I best arrange this in Spain? We have several options available for this.

These too are often difficult issues abroad. Here in Spain there is often no fast fiber optic network installed when moving into a property, so you can usually arrange this in different ways. It good be an idea to combine this with a mobile phone option, which often is cheaper.

However neatly the house may have been delivered, you will probably still want to make sure that it is thoroughly cleaned when you move in. This way you can be sure that the windows, bathroom, kitchen and everything in the house is completely fresh again.

It could be that your new home does not have heating as you might wish. This also applies to air conditioning, which would be more desirable in a country like Spain. We often advise our customers – just as with renovations – to look at it for a few months first. What is already there and what do you really need? Sometimes a fireplace, in addition to a gas or electric heater, proves to be sufficient for the cold moments in the morning. The same applies to any fans. This sometimes prevents somewhat expensive, more structural solutions. But here also applies: if you want it, we can of course help you further.

Here in Valencia we have the largest IKEA store in Europe. Of course there are many more furniture stores and also for white goods you have the Mediamarkt or similar stores here. So you will undoubtedly find your way in this too.

But if you want something slightly different or do you really want to have your new house beautifully styled, then we are also happy to help you here. We can give you tailor-made advice, but we have also put together some packages where you are ready in your style for a nice price.

Check here for some:  inspiration and ideas.

Building and Renovations in Valencia

Need more services?

With this starter package you have arranged the most essential things to enjoy carefree enjoyment.

But if you still need a little more, take a look around what else we have to offer at our Services page, for example in the field of Renovations, Property management, maintenance or the Expat service. Here we can arrange even more for you.

Looking for help in the whole process of moving to Valencia? Check the website of Relocation Services Valencia.

So don’t worry, don’t hesitate to ask us your question. We will be able to find a solution for it.

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We offer you a whole range of additional services, so that you are completely unburdened and can enjoy the process of buying a property!

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