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Looking for a property in Valencia or Valencia area? With years of experience in both real estate Valencia and living in Valencia area, we are here to help you find your property in Valencia. We can advise and guide you through the process of finding your dream Valencia property!

We have the knowledge and actual data to advise you finding the right property against the best price! Below you will find some interesting figures about the real estate market in Valencia city.

Prices real estate Valencia – Valencia Property

An overview of the average sales per quarter. In the first quarter of 2017 2.213 properties have been sold in Valencia city, a rise of over 17% compared to the same quarter a year ago.

Average m2 prices in Valencia

The average price per m2 in the city of Valencia is € 1.643, but varies of course per district with the barrios of the Ciutat Vella (old city center), El Pla del Real and L´Eixample as the most expensive areas with prices of more than  € 3.000 per/m2.

Return of investment in Valencia

The city of Valencia is very interesting from investment point of view as well as rental return on investment. Above you see an overview of April 2017, with an estimation of the returns of investment per district in Valencia calculated by the expected rental income on the sale price. So if you can rent out your apartment for a 6000 euro per year (500 euro per month) and you have bought the property for 120.000 euro, your return on investment will be 5%. Of course your investment is due to different parameters and you cannot automatically say the (dark)green areas are the best areas for you to invest as the international market and requirements are different. Most of the international people and tourists are focusing more on the city center.

Development real estate market in Spain & Valencia:

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Above you see the development of the real estate market in Spain in general and the Valencia real estate in particular. The real estate market in Spain is rising again with more than 13% compared with last year and the Valencia real estate market even with 16% rise. But we are not back to the top of the market, just before the crisis, in 2007. In het province of Valencia every month around 2.229 completions take place.

What to do with these figures?

We want to inform and advise you in the best possible way and we know the market. But no worries about facts and figures… it is all about finding the right property. That is our goal.

Besides the properties we are displaying via our website, we will have access to a large database of houses in the Valencian area. The main source for the properties we offer is our self-assembled network of real estate agents, that guarantees quality and reliability. That way, the number of houses we can offer you is unlimited and not restricted to our own real estate portfolio. An additional benefit is that you always have at your disposal one central and objective contact point during the whole process to help you in every possible way.

How to start the search for your Valencia property?

We are all different. Each person is unique and, therefore, it is vital to make a list of all matters which are important for you and your dream property. Consider variables such as price, location, size, amenities (pool, common areas , elevator, close to services, etc.) design (one or two floors, rustic, classic, modern, etc.), views (open, to the sea or to the pool) and privacy.

The next thing to consider are your priorities. If it is not possible to get everything you want for the price that you want to spend, which matters are movalencia propertyst important? For example, you would sacrifice a room in exchange for a larger terrace? Would you accept a greater distance to coast or city centre in exchange for more size for the same or even a better price?

Property search criteria

It is essential to take a few minutes to meet and talk with us before heading out to see houses. You will save a lot of time and you will succeed.

We will sit down and discuss your goals and your price range. When we have a list of properties to visit, we recommend a tour of each area and see the houses that interest you, and thus reduce the list to two or three most desirable homes. In this way, you can start your search without pressure, and to know each zone in the process.

After the selection, we will arrange to visit together the best properties. This is the fun part for many buyers, and that’s when you’ll really start to compare a house with the other. We will have pre-selected the best available, so do not be surprised if the first or second you visit ends up being your absolute favourite. In fact, many buyers, thanks to an excellent pre-selection fall in love with the first house visit and find it difficult to take the decision, full of uncertainty…. and unfortunately it occurs in many cases that they are waiting too long and the opportunity is reserved by another….. At the moment the market is changing and good properties are moving faster. Therefore, it is essential to know what you want and, once found, you decide quickly and not wait too long.

Additional services

But no worries, we can help you. We have a good network of collaborating partners, so we can offer you all kind of services.

First and for all, the most important one is the solicitor. He will represent your interests: check all documents, make the contracts and will make sure you will buy a 100% safe and legal property.

In addition, we can tell you how you can get a mortgage if needed. At this moment with the low interest rates it is very advisable to check all financial possibilities. Furthermore we will make sure you will find your way is Spain! Look for more information on our services page.


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