Top 10 restaurants in Ruzafa – Valencia

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One of the most frequently asked questions is: “Do you know a good restaurant, tapas bars and other places to eat in Valencia?”. During the years that we live and work here, we have of course tried out many great restaurants. Valencia is a wonderful culinary city to stay in, because you really have a lot of choice for every price and type of cuisine.

Our personal favorite restaurants in Ruzafa

In the city alone you have more than 3500 restaurants. So you understand it´s a tricky choice to get the best out of this. We have now limited ourselves to our favorite restaurants in Ruzafa, the hip and trendy neighborhood in Valencia where our office is also located (Calle Sueca 25). FYI: this is a random list and we know that we left out many very good restaurants and dining experiences…

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Here our favorite Top 10 restaurants in Ruzafa:

1.     Canalla Bistro

This is a spin off from the star chef Ricard Camarena and is worthy of a star.
What a delicious cuisine in an atmospheric environment with good acoustics. In fact, we always choose the “Menú Degustación”, a walk through the menu with lots of different dishes to share for less than 30 euros. Really great place!






address: Calle Maestro Jose Serrano, 5
location: at 600 meters / 8 minutes walk from Dream Properties Valencia office

2.     Dando Leña

You would almost walk past here, on the outside a gloomy, not fancy facade ….. but when you step in you will be completely happy! With lots of greenery and atmosphere, they prepare and serve the most delicious affordable dishes with a super friendly service. Whether you opt for the 3-course daily menu (10 euros) or one of the fixed menus of 15, 18 or 22 euros, it is all delicious. Again: great to share!






address: Calle de Sueca 46
Location: at 180 meters / 2 minutes walk from Dream Properties Valencia office

3.     Dulce de Leche Boutique

This will no longer be unknown to many people. This excellent breakfast-brunch-lunch location has already been discovered by many, that we doubted whether we would mention it. But yes, it remains a favorite with the delicious (birthday) cakes, pastries, savory sandwiches and healthy smoothies, where the water runs into your mouth. Due to success , a number of new locations have already been opened in Valencia city, but inside and outside on the terrace it is wonderful to relax in Ruzafa. Nice alternatives in the area are Cafecito, Blue Bell Café and La Mas Bonita.






address: Carrer del Pintor Gisbert, 2
location: at 240 meters/3 minutes walk from Dream Properties Valencia office

4.     El Rodamón de Russafa

The great thing about eating in Spain is that almost all restaurants are prepared to share food. This gives you the opportunity to taste many different dishes and if you see so many delicious things on the El Rodamón menu, you can at least try a lot of them :-). The concept is that they literally and figuratively have a world map with delicious fusion tapas, such as curry langoustines or curry calamari or Thai mussels. Mmm.






address: Calle de Sueca 47
Location: at 150 meters / 2 minutes walk from Dream Properties Valencia office

5.     Bouet Restaurante

On the other side of the Gran Via (not in the direct loop perhaps of many tourists) you will find this stylish fusion restaurant. What an atmosphere, what a service and what a food!
Delicious fusion with a lunch 3-course menu for 19.50 euros or choose from the menu. Difficult choices, but all very tasty food such as dim sums, curries and sashimis. Not the cheapest, but worth it!






Address: Gran Via de les Germanies, 34
Location: at 400 meters / 5 minutes walk from Dream Properties Valencia office

6.     Restaurant Copenhagen

Ruzafa is also a paradise for vegetarians and gourmets who can go for a day without meat; restaurant Copenhagen is a modern restaurant and has an original menu with vegetarian dishes from all over the world. In addition, they also have a changing 3-course menu for 11.90 euros each day (you can already see it here). Copenhagen also has 2 “brothers”: Malmö (also in Ruzafa) and Oslo (in the historic center of Valencia).






Address: Calle Literato Azorín, 8
Location: at 300 meters / 4 minutes walk from Dream Properties Valencia office

7.     El Almacén

Again such a nice restaurant in an informal setting in our street. Delicious tapas with a twist. Choose some dishes to share or just the Menú Degustación for 24 euros where you eat 8 delicious and original dishes. Pure and prepared with love. They also have an extensive wine list with beautiful wines.






Address: Calle de Sueca 41
Location: at 120 meters / 2 minutes walk from Dream Properties Valencia office

8.     Sorsi e Morsi

Do you want something different than Spanish food? Then Sorsi e Morsi is definitely a nice alternative. This hip Italian has delicious pastas and pizzas, just a little different from the standard. In addition, delicious piadinis and tasty wines. Well affordable menus here too, so definitely worth a visit for a change!






Address: Calle de Doctor Serrano 11
Location: at 350 meters / 4 minutes walk from Dream Properties Valencia office

9.     La Tasqueta del Mercat

This is “the little sister” of Dando Leña. If you want more daylight in a nice area near the Mercado of Ruzafa, then La Tasqueta is a nice place. Especially perfect for lunch. They have slightly different daily menus (10 euros), or fixed menus of 15, 18 or 22 euro with delicious dishes to share. Don’t forget to try the tuna salad with peanut sauce or “ensalad rusa”! And super friendly staff. Good price / quality!






Adress: Calle Maestro Aguilar 2 (another one at Calle Cadiz 90)
Locations: at 550 meters / 6 minutes walk from Dream Properties Valencia office

10.   Mood Food

Mood Food is also such a wonderful restaurant where you can safely go and simply take the 6 or 8 course tapas menu. Delicious dishes in the middle to share with each other. Also a culinary lunch menu for 15 euros.






Address: Carrer del Pintor Salvador Abril, 7
Location: at 600 meters / 7 minutes walk from Dream Properties Valencia office

Again, this is just a selection of the lovely restaurants in the lively Ruzafa district of Valencia.

If you have any tips, let us know! 🙂



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