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Dream Properties Valencia is an organization of professional local property finders who deliver customized property search services in the city of Valencia and its surrounding towns and countryside. We are very happy to help you with your property search in Valencia.

Please complete the form below and we can start searching for properties which meets your requirements. Sit back and relax and we will send you a customized list of interesting personally selected properties via email. A service we provide at no extra cost!
If you would like some personal advise first, or have any question just call us!

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In which Valencia area are you looking for your dream property? Inland, city or coast?

Which cities (or districts) do you prefer?

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What kind of property are you looking for?

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Description of your dream property, what is important to you?

Please give us details as much as possible, in order to help you in the best possible way.
Mention e.g. the distance to the beach and shops, views, atmosphere and style of the house, etc.

What is your purpose of buying a property in Valencia area?

When are you planning to come over to Valencia for viewings?

At what timescale do you intend to buy your dream property?

Do you need any additional finance in order to buy your dream property?

Do you have a NIE (or applied for)?

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