Properties to Obtain Spain’s Golden Visa


If you have researched moving to Spain as a non-EU resident, you have likely come across Spain’s golden visa. This is arguably the best option for those able to make the required capital investment

You can qualify for this visa by investing either:

  • €500,000 in real estate in Spain.
  • €1 million in shares of Spanish companies or bank deposits in financial institutions.
  • €2 million in Spanish government bonds.
  • A substantial amount to start a business in Spain, subject to various conditions.

Should one of these options be possible for you, you can enjoy:

Fast processing times, family residency plans and easy renewal. Moreover, there is no minimum residence period for Golden Visa holders, but the program can be a fast-track to citizenship should the applicant choose to reside in Spain permanently.

Spain’s Golden Visa for Non-EU Citizens 

As a real estate company based in Valencia, we have experience helping our clients obtain the golden visa through the required investment in real estate.

As such, this blog focuses on ‘golden visa properties’ currently available in Valencia (worth €500,000 or more). However, it is also possible to qualify by purchasing more than one property worth €500,000 or more in total.

Please note, to qualify, the investment of €500,000 must be free of any liens or encumbrances, such as a mortgage. However, if the property is over €500,000, you can obtain a mortgage for the excess.

Golden Visa Properties in Valencia

We define ‘golden visa properties’ as any property valued at 500,000 or above, including residential and commercial properties.

However, remember you can split the cost across multiple properties. For example, by buying a home and another property to generate income (such as through rent or business activities). 

Nevertheless, if you’re happy to meet this criterion through purchasing a single property, read on to discover some of our favourite golden visa properties currently on the market in Valencia.

Residential Properties

Modern Apartment in Valencia City
Luxury Villa in El Bosque de Chiva (Valencia Province)
Spacious Duplex in Valencia City
Beautiful Villa in La Canada (Valencia Province)

Commercial Properties

Hotel in La Canada

Our Property Finder Service

The selection above is a small sample of the golden visa properties available in Valencia.

If you’re interested in the other properties on offer, you can browse all the golden visa properties available at leisure.

Alternatively, if you know what you specifically want, we recommend using our Property Finder Service to speed up the process. Once you input your requirements and submit, we will get back to you shortly with a list of properties that meet your needs.

Find Out More

For more information about this visa, make sure to read Spain’s Golden Visa for Non-EU Citizens, which details the different options, specific requirements and processes involved in obtaining the visa.

Moreover, our Relocation Services Valencia department is available to help you throughout the entire relocation process, including handling formalities such as visas.

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