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For many, the biggest reason to move to Spain and starting living in Valencia in particular, is the easy life. Here they distance themselves from the fast pace in which we live and enjoy life to the fullest. Only the here and now counts. And that is what we should all strive for. In addition, the real estate in Valencia has an extremely good value. Logical also when you consider that this is a place where you can count on a very high quality of life. But what does living the easy life in Valencia actually mean?

Spanish life

In Spain everyone lives at a less hasty pace as we do. Of course, certain activities have to be carried out one day, but if that does not work, it can always be done the next day in Spain. By living less hastily, the Spaniards also have more time to enjoy other things, such as the pleasant climate, the food and drink and the atmosphere of the area. This significantly improves the quality of life. Valencia in particular is the city where you can fully enjoy the pleasant Spanish life every day. So why not living the easy way in Valencia?

Valencia, the compact city

Valencia is a very compact city. By this we mean that you don’t necessarily need a car to get from A to B in the city. Spanish cities are generally compact if you compare this to a Dutch city. In the major cities in Spain, most people live in an apartment above shops or other facilities. The Spaniards therefore also have everything more at hand. Do you still choose to purchase a car? Then it will be more difficult to find a good parking space. In addition, it costs a relatively large amount of money to park or to claim your own parking space. So why should you actually buy a car if it’s not necessary? It is perfectly possible to cover the distances by bicycle. Valencia has good cycle paths and plenty of opportunities to buy or rent a bicycle.

But actually all amenities in Valencia are easily accessible on foot. In the city you live close enough to the supermarkets, markets, clothing stores and other large chain stores. So it is actually not necessary at all to do your shopping outside the city by car. In addition, the center of Valencia is still flourishing, with more and more new shops being added. As a resident of Valencia, you can do your shopping in no time and spend the rest of your time on the important things, such as seeing your family and friends, playing sports or other recreational activity.

Would you rather not walk or cycle from A to B? Then, thanks to the compact shape of the city, it is certainly possible to use public transport. There is always a possibility for a bus, metro or tram in the area that can bring you to your destination at a rapid pace. And don’t feel burdened to use public transport even for the shortest distances, many people do the same.

Start your day right

Once you have arrived in the city by bus, it is only normal in Valencia to take a moment for yourself. Grab a cup of coffee, sit on a bench and watch the world go by (by this we mean the real world, so put your phone aside). Drinking coffee in the local café (sometimes several times a day) is common in Spain. This is one of the places to meet up with your friends, have a break or meet new people. We were just talking about a cup of coffee in the morning, but don’t be surprised if you already see Spaniards around you sipping a morning beer or asking for a red wine or cognac with their coffee. This is very common. Would you also like to enjoy a small alcoholic snack in the morning? Feel free to go ahead. But in this case make sure you stick to one drink otherwise your day will go too slow.

Is your cup of coffee finished? Then do something that allows you to meet more people or something for your personal development. Reserve some time to study, learn the Spanish language or take dance lessons. But actually there is a lot possible in Valencia to enrich your life here.

Prepare your own lunch

After these activities it is time to do some shopping for lunch. The Spaniards prefer to cook with fresh ingredients. These are available in local stores. Many Spanish dishes require patience and time, so reserve a few hours to cook in the kitchen. The Spaniards make their dishes based on the products that the different seasons bring. So a lot is possible in this area. Would you like to learn how to cook in the real Spanish way? Then ask if you can apprentice with a local or take a course at a cooking studio.


The Siesta

After lunch, it is time to rest with a well-deserved siesta. Not everyone in Spain does this anymore, many people prefer to reserve more time for lunch. The large retail chains also prefer to stay open during this period. Some small local retailers close their doors during this time to take a rest themselves. Choose what you want in that regard. By having a siesta you can have a nice rest and afterwards you have all the strength to be productive again.

When you wake up after your power nap, you will see that the sun is still shining beautifully. Due to the pleasant climate and the many hours of sunshine in Valencia, we can guarantee that the sun will shine again the next day. So if you don’t get around to getting your portion of vitamin D today, you can always do it tomorrow. So you don’t have to rush at all. Mañana mañana.

Tomorrow is another day

When the sun has set, you also get plenty of opportunities in the evening to discover interesting bars, restaurants and activities in the city. Due to the large number of restaurants, a lot is possible in the field of food and drink. Whether you like simple small dishes such as tapas or prefer to eat world-famous haute cuisine.

And here also applies: if you don’t do it today, you can always do it tomorrow. Many people criticize the relaxed way of life (“Mañana”) of the Spaniards. But this is precisely to ease things in life and to take more time for relaxation and fun activities in addition to all the obligations. In addition, you are always the director of your own schedule in Valencia, it can be as relaxed or hectic as you want.

Living the easy life in Valencia

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