Discover Valencia area: 10 day trip suggestions from Valencia

Not only are we a big fan of the city of Valencia, even the American newspaper Huffington Post calls this city the best place to settle abroad. Although you can enjoy the beauty of this city every day in Valencia, it is also worth getting in the car and discovering what else the beautiful area has to offer. But which destination should you set on your navigation? We have listed a number of destinations for you for a fun day out, so enjoy these 10 day trip suggestions from Valencia.

10 day trip suggestions from Valencia

Discover the area and enjoy!


Are you looking to cool down? With just an hour and a half drive you are already at the river Montajenos. Due to the constant temperature of 25 degrees, the clear water is wonderfully warm. Go for a swim in the water or stand under the waterfall. The real daredevils can also jump off the rocks here.

Javalambre / Vall De Linares

Are you an avid skier? Then set your navigation to the Javalambre. In this ski area you will find slopes for beginners and advanced skiers. But if you prefer not to be on the skis, there are plenty of options to enjoy yourself. For example, go sledding, make a snowman or take a moment for yourself and enjoy the surroundings. Because how beautiful is it actually that you are now in a ski area with real snow, while in Valencia it is 20 degrees or warmer?

El Palmar / Albufera

Want to enjoy nature? Then travel to the south of Valencia. Here you will find the Albufeira Natural Park with the largest freshwater lake in Spain which is responsible for the supply of water to the rice paddies in this area. If you would like to have a better view of the area, you can take a boat trip on the water. This is also the ideal opportunity for bird watching. Before you get back in the car, don’t forget to enjoy a plate of paella in one of the restaurants. Here you eat the very best paella in all of Spain.


Javea / Denia

Would you like to escape the hustle and bustle of the city? About an hour and a half south of Valencia you will find the cities of Javea and Denia, which are separated by the mountain Montgo. Both places have a beautiful golden beach, a marina where you can take boat trips and the necessary restaurants and bars.


In Spain you can find more beautiful cities than Sagunto, but here you should definitely be for a number of sights. Climb the hills and visit the Roman and Moorish ruins that remain from the castle and amphitheater. Visit the Jewish quarter afterwards. Do you want to end the day with some sun? Then you can relax on the beach there.


Put on your hiking boots for a walk in the village of Olocau. You don’t have to sit in the car for long to get here; you are only 25 minutes away. This village consists of a number of natural cliffs, the paths eventually lead you to the mountains of Sierra Calderona.

Naquera / Serra

Haven’t walked out yet? In the Sierra National Park you will find the small towns of Serra and Naquera with excellent hiking routes. Also take a look at the range of houses in this area, because there are fantastic houses for sale. During the summer it is pleasantly cool in the evening, so you will not be bothered by the scorching sun during your walk. End your hike in one of the bars in one of the towns. Naquera even has a craft beer brewery, where you can taste delicious types of beer.


Quite a few years ago, this area was the scene for the movie El Cid, perhaps the name of this town is familiar to you. Furthermore, this place to the north of Valencia is an excellent place for a weekend away because of the chillout bars, excellent hotels, camping sites and the many activities available here. The local tourist office even promotes Peñíscola by offering free yoga sessions on the beach. You will also find two beautiful beaches here and in the south the protected area Sierra del Irta. An ideal environment for a day trip or a weekend away.

day trip suggestions from Valencia


To get to Morella you have to drive a little further, but it is well worth the drive. The view of Morella is dominated by the castle on the hill. Furthermore, you will soon see through the further architecture that Morella is a medieval town. Enjoy the surroundings and the delicious food and drinks. The specialties of this town are honey and ham. Do you or one of your family members suffer from motion sickness? Then take the necessary measures before departure; the road to Morella consists mainly of roads with many curves.


Under the guise “sometimes you have to get away from home to realize what you have”, we recommend that you pay a visit to Benidorm. However, you don’t have to do it for the beautiful architecture, this city consists mainly of skyscrapers. You could say this expat hell is the New York of the Costa Blanca, full of Irish bars and theme pubs. Order something tasty to eat and then return quickly to beautiful Valencia.

10 day trip suggestions from Valencia

These were just a few high lights of this beautiful area. Do you need more tips or need any other service? Just contact us and we will help you out.

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